B1300 Adblock redirect all DNS bug

Current firmware has a bug preventing this option from working. The script in question is visible in custom rules. Can someone please correct the script’s bug so I can manually correct it? Maybe lift a bugless version from another router model?


Did you install adblock yourself?
You can turn off the Override DNS Settings for All Clients option in the Custom DNS Server.

I installed it from the repository.
I would like to use the feature, but it opens port 53 on the WAN side of the firewall. I cannot have that. There’s a bug somewhere.

I think I found a solution by editing /etc/config/firewall. See image. Restarting the firewall activates the changes.

Can someone confirm that this is the correct solution?

I compressed things a bit 8)

If you just want to block ads, you can try AdGuardHome.
It works a little bit better than adblock.

Cool! Thank you for your hard work

I get the spinning disc instead of gl-inet main screen. LuCI is still working. I rebooted with no effect.

Clear browser cache.

Before I saw your comment, I uninstalled a package with adguard api in its name. All functionality is back except adguard itself. The removed package doesn’t seem to be in the repository so I cannot reinstall it.