Backup firmware and settings MT300N

How can one best backup the firmware + installed packages + settings to a (firmware)file as to configure other MT300N’s the same easily?

See follow question:

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Hi Henry,

Thanks for your answer, but what I am really after is a command to make a snapshot that like a firmware-file can be installed onto the device, with all settings and programs intact.
Can’t image that something like that hasn’t been made.

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I dont no how to bacup and restore a image of firmware.

A it can be:

  • they are a addon for creating a .bin or .img file of installation and save this on usb stick. About 5000 or 50.000? addons available on advanced admin menue of gl router.
  • It can be, you can restore a .bin or .img file on same way like update the firmware from file by good known firmware update menue item.

reviving this thread.
There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in the UI.
Anyone have any ideas on this?

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Now you need to intall luci and do backup there.

Backup/Flash Firmware