Beryl AX GL-MT3000 disconnects from wan port and does not reconnect

I have problems with the Beryl AX GL-MT3000, I have it as a secondary router behind another router, connected by ethernet cable to its WAN port, the Beryl AX suffers disconnections and does not reconnect to the internet, from what I see in the log it is like that the WAN interface is down but does not reconnect and remains without internet access with the blue LED flashing.

This is being caused by the mwan3track process related to Multi-WAN (GL GUI → Network → Multi-WAN). Pings to check WAN connectivity are not getting an expected response within time from those Public IPs. The Beryl AX is trying to ‘fail over’ & restart the interfaces as there’s no apparent upstream.

Try setting , for Cloudflare or , for Quad9’s more privately focused service.

If this is configured in the multiwan, here the problem is that the WAN interface is disconnected and then not reconnected, it is as if physically disconnecting the ethernet cable from the WAN port and is left without internet access.

Yes, which is what your logs are showing related to the mwan2track & mwan processes per Execute ifdown down even on interface wan (eth0). Set new Track IPs &/or change the conditions/intervals for the fail state if there’s lag from your upstream. That should do it.

Disabling Enable Internet Status Tracking would be a more drastic option:

If tracking is disabled, the device will think the interface is connected to the Internet when the interface is connected (e.g. the cable is plugged in and the IP is acquired, repeater is successful).