Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) wifi GL-gets disconnected

GL-MT3000 ,firmware updated to 4.5.0 release 8

below wifi 2gzh and 5gzh both keep getting disconnected
GL-MT3000-cef 2gzh GL-MT3000-cef-5G can these names be changed ? it looks like not allowed ?

if wifi connection option (connect automatically is checked then it stays connected ) windows 10 laptop
anyone has this issue or is it this router issue

my laptop stays connected to home wifi without disconnecting

You can change them using the GL GUI. Make sure to hit „Modify“ first.

@admon thx ,will look around to change wifi name
quick wifi disconnecting followup ,if it could be bad issue ,this was like new item from amazon thirdparty seller but sold delivered by amazon
just checking if it could be bad hardware issue ,it was in original packaging but no manual,crumpled original box
really hate to use wifi if its constantly getting disconnected and re-connected

You may try this beta firmware:

@admon I was able to see in gui new version 4.6.0 r2 ,after upload firmware like 3 times ,it could be my local wifi is getting disconnected
2gz was atleast staying connected few minutes longer than 5gz

extremly difficult experience if i might have have a bad unit ?
the device wifi repeater itself was changing ip and not keeping same ip ,
tried to setup wireguard server and connect with another laptop ,with port forwarding ,wireguard client was doing repeat handshake

2024-02-10 00:43:37.053187: [TUN] [x1carbon] Interface up
2024-02-10 00:43:37.103323: [TUN] [x1carbon] Receiving handshake response from peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820)
2024-02-10 00:43:37.103323: [TUN] [x1carbon] Keypair 3 created for peer 4
2024-02-10 00:43:37.179732: [TUN] [x1carbon] Setting device v6 addresses
2024-02-10 00:43:37.221321: [TUN] [x1carbon] Warning: the “Wi-Fi” interface has Forwarding/WeakHostSend enabled, which will cause routing loops
2024-02-10 00:43:37.505448: [TUN] [x1carbon] Startup complete
2024-02-10 00:43:52.268104: [TUN] [x1carbon] Retrying handshake with peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820) because we stopped hearing back after 15 seconds
2024-02-10 00:43:52.268379: [TUN] [x1carbon] Sending handshake initiation to peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820)
2024-02-10 00:43:57.331248: [TUN] [x1carbon] Handshake for peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820) did not complete after 5 seconds, retrying (try 2)
2024-02-10 00:43:57.332106: [TUN] [x1carbon] Sending handshake initiation to peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820)
2024-02-10 00:44:02.391520: [TUN] [x1carbon] Handshake for peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820) did not complete after 5 seconds, retrying (try 3)
2024-02-10 00:44:02.391520: [TUN] [x1carbon] Sending handshake initiation to peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820)
2024-02-10 00:44:07.337881: [TUN] [x1carbon] Retrying handshake with peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820) because we stopped hearing back after 15 seconds
2024-02-10 00:44:07.488678: [TUN] [x1carbon] Handshake for peer 4 (47.188.110.xx:51820) did not complete after 5 seconds, retrying (try 2)


if there was older version of firmware where wifi disconnect not there or stable version

For better troubleshooting, follows these steps:

Please provide full log + network diagram.

is there a older firmware that didnot have wifi disconnect issues 3.x version that can be downloaded

I don’t know about any issues with Beryl and 4.x firmware.
There is no 3.x firmware for download, guess the device never had 3.x

Please go ahead and provide the necessary information so we can look into this.

@admon thx for support
what email do i send system logs or open ticket process

You will post them here so the community can try to help you. Please write down your Wi-Fi settings as well - as stated in the thread I linked above.

here is wifi config, I will keep testing if its repeater wifi vs wired ethernet issue

attached system log (11.8 KB)

also having similar handshake issue
GL-MT300N-V2 WireGuard - Technical Support for Routers / VPN, DNS, Leaks - GL.iNet (

tested wifi GL-MT3000-cef 2gzh GL-MT3000-cef-5G ok with ethernet good
but with repeater right next to router wifi keeps getting disconnected repeatedly
firmware 4.5 and 4.6

I moved priority of repeater above ethernet
same issue
laptop phone do not stay connected in repeater mode ?

GL-MT3000-cef 2gzh GL-MT3000-cef-5G
2g looks like stays connected a little bit longer than 5g but both keep getting disconnected
repeater wifi ip also keeps changing ,not sure why

I did see a timeout mode somewhere and i set to 3hr or max and i cant find it
is there a timeout disconnect wifi option somewhere ,cannot find it again today
almost no use in repeater mode

Could you please upload all logs? The system log isn’t enough, unfortunately.

any link to docs on what logs

Export the full file, please.

was able to login to export
its wifi keeps getting disconnected

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this issue. I am not sure what causes it.
I see that you are using DFS channels, which could be part of the problem. But if your upstream router sends on DFS, this can cause trouble as well.

Maybe someone else has some idea as well.

Im using default eero router
if most wifi dont use dfs ?
looks like cannot disable on eero router 6.x + version and its on 7.x version eero router firmware
so whats workaround to work with router with dfs and any other known issues

Maybe just reset the firmware and set up again?