Beryl AX MT3000 - no cable detected in WAN port

My MT3000 reports that “No cable is detected in WAN port. Please insert an Ethernet cable.”

I have tried many, many different cables (including the one which came with the router). No fix.

Re-booting the router. No fix.

Resetting the firmware to factory defaults. No fix.

Reinstalling the firmware (ver 4.5.0). No fix.

I see this seems to be a common issue (for this product and many others). I’m open to any sort of solution which is suggested here, otherwise I’m looking for info on how to file for warranty service.


What device do you want to connect?

I am using it in hotel rooms, so I’m connecting to their RJ45 outlets.

If I misunderstood your question - I connect TO the MT3000 in iOS devices, either using the GL.Inet app or the web interface.

Many hotel have RJ45 ports but are actually not connected.

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Maybe just use wifi. Don’t use the cable from the hotels.

Respectfully, that is not very helpful.

I purchased the GL.Inet product because it has the capability to connect to a wired network. It’s a travel router - this is one of its primary use cases. If I just wanted a wifi repeater, I could have bought one for much less money.

Can you please offer some assistance to help me solve the problem I’m having?

I don’t think that is the issue I’m seeing here. I have (on previous occasions) gotten the MT3000 to connect up to the hotel via the WAN port and then at some point later on it decides there is “no cable detected in WAN port”

I’m going to have to agree with others here, there is a high chance that either MAC-based auth, is taking place on the ethernet jack, or that one is disabled/disconnected (or some other form of security is in place). It could also be the case that the run to that port is just too long or damaged, resulting in no/poor connection. You could try the one that likely goes into the TV to confirm, but the simple case is that some hotels do not give user-accessible connections via ethernet, so falling back to Wi-Fi is a must.

I am having a related issue and from my research it seems like the 2.5G WAN port has trouble negotiating link speeds with anything slower than itself. Or it did at some point, probably still does - I can’t be the only one confused about the stable, testing, beta, whatever multiple firmware versions across google drive and other posts…

My particular issue presents itself differently, in that I’ll be browsing along and notice a site is hanging/loading forever. I glance down to my WiFi status and see the WiFi disconnect then reconnect. If I keep the router dashboard page open I can see the WAN port go down with exactly the same message as you, but it always comes back up within 5 seconds. Always a “blip” and never a crash or reboot. I’ve noticed that after about 1hr of uptime the issue seems to go away or I don’t notice it anymore.

I have not been able to identify anything in the system or kernel logs. This is almost certainly a weird firmware bug with the 2.5G WAN port. IMO it would be smart of GL to refocus efforts into updating and stabilizing the 4.x firmware. Seems like we’ve all been beta testing for them.

Still a great piece of kit but definitely a kick in the face to actually use vs the glowing reviews.

2.5G Ethernet compatibility could be an issue. But for the scenario of the hotel, I strongly advise that do not use the Ethernet cable.

It is unclear if the Ethernet cable work in this case.

We also get other cases that the Ethernet cable comes with PoE and will burn the router if used for a long time.