Beryl AX MT3000 No Internet using repeater

I just upgraded my Beryl AX MT3000 to the latest stable 4.2 firmware. After doing so, there is no internet connectivity when in repeater mode. Internet connectivity is fine using an Ethernet cable with repeater mode turned off. Downgraded to version 4.1.3 using UBoot and repeater mode works fine. Upgraded again to 4.2 and the same results, no internet connectivity when in repeater mode.

Any ideas how to correct this?


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Are you using OpenVPN? What’s the Access Point of the repeater?

I am not using OpenVPN. This is happening with NO VPN being used (and I use Proton Wireguard VPN in any case). I’m not using an access point, simply the modem/router provided by my ISP; but I know the modem/router is not the issue as the Beryl works fine in repeater mode with 4.1.3 and with my Slate AX as well.

There’s something in the Beryl 4.2 that’s preventing repeater mode from working…

Does the repeater connect and get IP address?
2.4G or 5G?
What is the channel?
Disconnect logs?

Pls give details.

Well…this is frustrating. I re-upgraded to 4.2 and connectivity appears to be working in repeater mode. I have just tested it with both 2.4 & 5G. Previously when I enabled repeater mode, it -would- get a correct IP address from the “host” wifi lan, but there would be no connectivity.

Although it appeared to work, I did notice that when I setup the repeater to a 2.4G network, the Beryl appeared to just hang and never even showed any wifi networks to connect to. Then, after trying to “connect” a few times, I could select the network to connect to and enter the password. However, again, it would appear to just hang, and after a few minutes my laptop (which is connected to the wifi lan of the Beryl ( would lose all wifi connectivity to the Beryl. I would reconnect my laptop to the Beryl wifi lan and was able to see that repeated did in fact connect to the “host” wifi, get a correct IP, and did have internet connectivity.

I did not see this flaky “am I connected” behavior when trying to connect the repeater to a 5G network.

At this point, after deleting any saved networks in the repeater section, several reboots, etc., it appears to be working.

However, I don’t think I can travel with the Beryl yet, because the behavior simply appears to be unstable (and perhaps a bit random? :slight_smile: )

Would you like any additional information from me?


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2.4G repeater is inherently unstable, better lock to 5G

Why is that? I can understand that if you are operating a Router at home and can be sure of 5GHz Wifi close up, all well and good, but again, this Router is sold as a Travel Router - a device which in my view you should be able to operate reasonably well at 2.4GHz, if the only available Wifi is 2.4GHz; all other issues with interference from Microwaves and Wireless Phones @ 2.4Ghz aside.

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I agree!! A lot, if not most, places I visit where I want to use the repeater only have 2.4g wifi….

My experience on the way shows 2.4G and 5G are all good to use.

I don’t have many problems with MT3000 actually.

But these problems are mostly related to country code, bands etc. so I have to check more details if there are issues.

One hint is that, you set the 2.4G and 5G SSID/Key to the same so that your phone is not disconnected during connect.

For example, your phone/laptop is connected to the 2.4G wifi and you use 2.4G wifi to connect as repeater, you may have disconnect.

But when setting the 2.4G and 5G SSID/Key to the same, your phone/laptop can always find one signal to connect.

Fair enough; can you elaborate on your suspected Country Code band reasoning please?

Again (and sorry to keep on about this) if you could update your F/W and GLiNET App to allow these Country Codes to be changed (quickly and easily), then you can simply tell folks who you suspect might be using the wrong Country Code (where certain frequency bands are not permitted), to just change to the permitted Country Code.

This way they can test, very quickly, if the source of the inconsistent Wifi is indeed related to the (incorrect) Country Code; or is actually the guy in the next hotel room firing up his microwave oven.


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I have the both the keys for the 2.4g & 5g set to the same thing.

agree with you and trying to find a solution.

There are a lot of things related to repeater. When there is a problems need a lot of details to investigate.

  1. 2.4G channel 12, 13, 14, only some coutries support these. Generally the problems is cannot find the ssid.
  2. 5G DFS channel, DFS has more troubles, has to detect radio signal which could be slow
  3. 5G Band 4 channels. Europe regulation said these channle is usable with 25mWatt but generally these channels are not usable on routers
  4. Channel bandwidth. H20, H40, VHT80, VTH160. Use narrow band is more stable
  5. wifi signal strength. When wifi signal is weak, generally AP will kick you out
  6. Multiple BSSID auto switch
  7. portal does not pop up: forums has some discussion. Most of the issues are related to DNS and VPN.
  8. WPA3 etc. e.g a recently fixed bug to connect to IOS hotspot
  9. Weird things e.g. Slate AX1800 not broadcasting 5Ghz WiFi - #10 by alzhao which is bug of IOS
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Thanks @alzhao that’s certainly quite a comprehensive list and it is encouraging to see the scope of your reviews. If the data collected can help identify the most common issues, it is very much worthwhile. I certainly don’t envy you trying to narrow it down for everyone’s Wifi issues, with so many variables.

Keep up the good work.


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Have a similar situation.

Am running on 4.2.2

2.4g repeater works fine but not on 5g.

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In my case I managed to fix the situation.

My MT3000 (firmware 4.2.2) was trying to repeat a 5G SSID off my Asus RT-AX58U (firmware

Settings as shown in the screen shot.

When the 802.11ax / WiFi 6 mode is set to “enable”, the MT3000 is able to connect, but indicates no internet.

When it is set to disable, internet connectivity works.

I have no issues repeating a 5g hotspot signal from my S21 phone set with Wifi 6

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Very helpful indeed. Interesting that a GL.iNet router sold as running WiFi 6 is having compatibility issues with 802.11ax mode!!!

We will got Asus router to test. maybe only have compatiblity to Asus.

We have Asus AX3000 device, played these same settings and MT3000 just work fine with it.

Our Asus firmware version is which is a little bit newer than yours.

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Have Asus RT-AX86U was able to extend the wifi to the MT3000 when on firmware 4.2 for the first time. After reboot of the MT3000 after 30 days up time, can connect to RT-AX86 but there is no internet.

Turning off WIFI 6 mode on Asus router, the MT3000 can connect to the internet.

Asus RT-AX86U firmware is

There is definitely a bug on the MT3000 dealing with wifi 6 mode.