Beryl AX not showing active repeater connection

My Beryl AX appears to be misbehaving. It refused to connect to my primary router at home after the latest firmware update (v4.6.2) and today it shows it's connected but the information box below is empty as if disconnected. Very odd!

Thanks in advance for any help!


Does it still actually connected and has normal Internet?

What if you just set up one more time?

Weidly it does. It didn't to start with though and I had to downgrade the firmware and reupgrade missing out the previous version. There's clearly a couple of bugs in the latest 'stable' firmware.


there are 2 questions you mentioned:

  1. Does it now available to actually connect the primary router? Try to check if the primary router shows the MT3000 connected? Or export the syslog of the MT3000, and attached here.
  2. Could you try to change to another browser to access GUI if the repeater has connected? probably caches affect.

Thanks for responding Bruce.

I've attached the log as requested. I've also attached the screenshot from Safari - the first was from the Brave browser.

20240711_glilog.tar (412 KB)

I have checked the syslog that you posted.
Found the syslog of your router have 3 times re-connect the primary router during that time. Would like to confirm if this is your manually operation?

Regarding the repeater views of the GL GUI, please try to reset the firmware, and then observe for a while. Have not reproduce on my side temporary.

Thank you Bruce.

I was considering reseting the router to Factory Settings. Is there a way to store the LAN IP table and restore it though? That would take a while to set up again!

I ran into exactly the same problem in April. Are you using https to connect? I have been told that connecting via https is buggy.

Try loading in incognito mode and clear browser cache, see if that helps.

No I am not using https to connect. :thinking:

Incognito Mode doesn't hold any cache but this didn't work either. :frowning:

Yup, incognito mode and normal browser cache is a separate thing, I was just trying to cover all bases. You could also try using a chromium browser and Firefox browser to see if that shows different results, I'm guessing it probably won't but worth a try. Failing that I'll leave the discussion to the devs.

I've tried Brave, Safari, Chrome and Opera, and it made no difference. This trouble is putting me off upgrading to a GL-X3000 later in the year, ready for when 5G comes to my town. :frowning: