Beryl AX300 (GL-MT3000) crashes every time I use AdguardHome

Hello I am using the Beyl AX (GL-MT3000) and although the firmware V4.2.3 is very visual and very responsive, I have the impression that some functions seem to be always in beta with bugs and crashes as in AdguardHome and in the part of file sharing, also in the part of using the router as a repeater, I have frozen the router several times and it does not respond at all

Thank you for your feedback. will complete the internal confirmation asap.

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What I’ve found is that AGH from GLI by default uses /tmp as the operating directory. This is really bad as if tmp fills up it will likely crash the router. If you have large lists and long logging with many dns queries it could easily fill tmp. Check out my work around here. AdGuardHome on GL routers - #278 by phantasm22

This error means that your browser lost the RPC continuous connectivity with the modem! It has nothing I guess to do with the firmware.

For example if you login to the modem from your machine then start a VPN connection on the machine (not the modem) you will experience the same thing because the VPN will change the default route and your browser will get disconnected (RPC communications).

No, the crashes are global, the router freezes completely, you can’t access neither by browser nor by SSH at the moment it gets like this.

Does it happen without a VPN?

Please open the developer tools in your browser and check the network tab… do you see any errors/failing RPC connections?

It is very likely that if it is a problem regarding the lists used in AdguardHome and when you update them, and that I’m only using the lists that are already preloaded in AdguardHome, regarding the use of tmp is supposed to have enough free memory, I’ll take a look at your post

I think tmp is large enough to handle ADG, at least in my modem.

I’m not using any VPN service

Did you login to the modem using an IP or Hostname? It seems to me that you have used a host-name and when enabled AdGuard it messed up your DNS! You can see the RPC errors in your browser which I mentioned before.

I am using IP Address to access the Router

I can clearly see the error: NS_Binding_Aborted

Restore ADG to default - make sure you disable it after setting it to default and reboot the modem. Try again, it might be caching issue between your browser and the ADG service.

I don’t think it’s a cache problem since I tested in another browser with cookies and browsing data just deleted.

After you enable it, go to the System log:
user.notice AdGuardHome[18487]: [info] The server is configured to refuse ANY requests
user.notice AdGuardHome[18487]: [info] dnsproxy: cache: enabled, size 4194304 b

Do you see the above line?

Do another thing: keep pining the modem from your machine and then enable ADG does the ping gets interrupted?

Maybe AP mode cause this?

Could check which rpc call failed like this?

Because AGH is running in /tmp (tempfs), all data will be cleared on reboot. If you are running large lists like large and have the query log and stats log set to 7 or more days with 30k queries a day, it can fill up. I understand why it was done this way because there is no required external drive but imo, I would have made this a requirement along with enabling swap. On my home Asus router with log files spanning 7 days, and generally 50k queries a day, my logs can be several hundreds of megabytes in total and I don’t use the large list.

I’m not saying this is definitively your issue but it could be contributing to your issues. You may want to setup some monitoring of your free disk space with syslog or snmp (solarwinds) or by just writing a simple cronjob to periodically output free space to a txt file on your external drive. Any reason why you didn’t set it up as overlay?

this comes up, I’m not doing any firmware updates or anything like that.

Well if I am using relatively large lists as you mention, if the problem is because of the lists should specify not to use them because I have a separate Pi-hole server on an old laptop and works without problems with larger lists, it makes sense what you mention regarding the use of /tmp, regarding how my disk is mounted (actually is a USB stick) so the system automatically mount it.