Beryl MT-3000: Turn off LEDs in GLiNET App?

Hi in my Slate AXT1800 there was per this thread a nice option in the APP or the Webadmin to turn off the LED. See Axt1800: how to turn off all leds?

I cannot find the same switch in the Beryl MT-3000 App or Webadmin pages? Did I miss it? If not would love to see it in there (often in same sleeping room, hotels etc.).



For admin panel, System → Overview → LED
Docs 4.x, LED

For glinet app v1.4.3(128), System → System Overview → LED

Ok thanks!! - It wasn’t initially clear that tapping the “System Overview” GRAPHs actually gave you another menu (maybe add some text “Tap here for submenu”); this would differentiate the submenu below the graphs from the actual list below it, which looks like the “System Menu”.

The LED on/off schedule is probbaly useful for some, but for me a simple LED slider (either on ON or OFF) is more useful.

However I eventually discovered that the little blue LED symbol is actually also a menu, I think that turns it off completely (seems to) which is exactly what I was after - thanks again, although I think the route to get there is a wee bit confusing / would benefit from a few well-placed ‘signs’ i.e. text to help navigate.

Minor note - typo as shown. Actually both of them should read Turn nor Trun.



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