Beryl MT1300 beta 2 feedback

I recently upgraded my Beryl MT1300 to v4 beta 2 which includes a number of updated packages. The default installed version of wget is uclient-fetch which creates a sym link to wget. The problem with this new version from April is that it strips CRLF (carriage return line feeds) from downloaded text files. Changing wget over to wget-ssl restores this functionality. I’d like to as GL.iNet to change the default to this version.

Also, upgrading from beta 1 to beta 2 lost all my installed opkg packages and in fact reset my router back to the default. I did try reverting to beta 1 again then upgrading to beta 2 and that did work without resetting all my settings but that was without my custom AGH install. Regardless, every time you upgrade, my /dev/mmcblk0 (sd flash card) disappears and you have to add it back because it has a new UUID.

Some other things that didn’t seem to be quite right are in the DHCP tab in gli UI, advanced settings to change the DHCP scope caused DHCP to break entirely. I had to fix it through luci UI. Reset firmware didn’t do anything for me.

Last is that the channel analysis in luci is showing all other ssid’s 5Ghz as 20Mhz where I know for a fact that they are 80Mhz.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll check it out.

Can you provide detailed operation steps?

For DHCP, after upgrading from beta 1 to beta 2, I went to DHCP then advanced settings then tried to manually increase the scope from the default to to and I got some error that was only resolved by going to luci and under the interface settings, I was prompted to resolve the error in the config. In fact, just now testing, I changed the scope and my custom DNS server setting in luci was cleared out in addition to having the wifi drop.

For the luci wifi scan, here’s a screen grab. All the top networks listed are 80mhz because they are mine

I appreciate this, and thank you, but it really should be something native to firmware updates

You’re not wrong… but looking at their roadmap for feature requests/bug fixes it may be a while off. At least the current Upgrade prompt notifies you of the need to reinstall ipks. Still, there’s nothing stopping them fr adapting that script into the GL GUI.

Sorry,I can’t repeat those issues.

Does your beta2 means 4.3.6 release2?

By the way, LuCI is provided as is. GL.iNet is not responsible for LuCI maintenance.