Beryl MT13000 3.211 beta 4 Problems

Problem 1: The uplink wifi networks with WPA2 PSK will not work with all 8-64 character passwords: I tested passwords with 64 and 63 characters, the router will not connect, much shorter passwords do work.

Problem 2: The 5GHz downlink guest Wifi does not work with all devices. Examples: an iPhone XS was able to connect, a MacbookPro was unable to connect. The reason is unclear to me.

I confim this. Submitted bug internally.

Iphone 11 works. windows pcs works.

Installed stable 3.211 and had some problems with installed packages so did a factory reset. Fine. File Sharing installed ok but Current Directory is grey and Apply button doesn’t function. I was able to work around using luci-app-samba and changing config to allow wan. But the stock factory reset was broken.

What is the Directory name? the router prevent to use /mnt because it may be the flash itself. But it may be buggy.

I reported this to support a few weeks back, it has been happening since beta 1. It appears that installing file sharing from the left side menu only installs plug-in “gl-files-browser”. You will find that in the plug-in list it shows installed but you experience the issue you describe above. If you install plug-in “gl-files-brower” the file sharing page works as it should. I have not tested the stable version as of yet, will try to do so today.

Being pedantic here, WPA2 length is defined as 64 hexadecimal characters and 63 ASCII printable characters.

@alzhao - I have the same issue on “openwrt-mt1300-3.211-1227” firmware.

I put some useful info here: MAC clone with GL-MT1300 not working?

Where can I get “openwrt-mt1300-3.203-1012” firmware? Everything was working in the given testing firmware prior the update. The latest update crippled MAC clone feature and also 5 GHz guest Wi-Fi connection…

Thanks much!

Installed all 3 files related to that and it worked for me

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I have a backup here

But mac clone should work in 3.211. The other thread was talking about changing bssid of AP interfaces.

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