MAC clone with GL-MT1300 not working?

Is it just me or does the MAC clone feature not work with the GL-MT1300? Despite saving and displaying the MAC address I’ve cloned within the settings menu, the default MAC address is what shows up on the network even after a reboot.

This features works as expected for me on the GL-MT300N-V2.

Using cable or repeater?

If you check using ifconfig, does the max address actually work?

Using repeater.

To your second question, I don’t know what you’re asking sorry. Can you clarify?

@SenseOfScience @alzhao MAC Clone not working on GL-MT1300 in repeater mode. Verified.

Thoroughly tested:

  • Multiple resets & reflashes
  • Wireless config file changes, ie. option macaddr, etc.
  • Working on GL-AR300M with no issues

Edit (Bonus):

  • Wi-Fi MAC address filtering (via /etc/config/wireless) is neither working
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Retested this with the latest firmware 3.201 and it seems that the issue hasn’t still been fixed.

MAC clone is still not working properly. Also cannot set APs custom MAC addresses.

When is this issue gonna be fixed?

Thanks @alzhao

Doubt it will be anytime soon since the problem still hasn’t been acknowledged that I’m aware of.

Well, seems it was…

I am sad that this still does not work due to the wifi driver of MT1300. The internal ticket of this one is still live.

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Ahhhhh that’d explain why it didn’t work in my last hotel stay :slight_smile:

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Hmm, hopefully we can assign a higher priority to this one … maybe P2 as it’s been more than half a year already?


This is very sad :frowning:
Too bad end users don’t have visibility to known issues. Sure could save us a lot of time, as now we all waste time trying to reproduce known issues, so we can write them up to get help on the forum, just to be told they are known issues. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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I will keep buying new GL.iNet routers as long as MAC clone & custom MAC address can be altered using “/etc/config/wireless” settings file with no issues whatsoever.

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Do you have any update / ETA for this? I may need to get a microrouter that supports mac clone in the meantime. Does mac clone work in Mango?

yes. mac clone works with Mango

ok, I may as well get one then. I also read between lines that “no, no clue when this will work on Beryl” :slight_smile: