Beryl to Slate AX

Like the Beryl but it takes too long to connect. Ordered a Slate AX to replace the Beryl since it has a quad-core processor vs Beryl’s duo-core in the hope this will speed up connection and reboot times. My question is which easytether .ipk file works with the Slate AX?
Thanks in advance for your support!

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Im hereing that EasyTether didnt make a driver for this unit. I refuse to believe that there’s no driver for this unit, but to actually go through each and every driver that they made to see which one works it’s going to be a lot. I bought the unit hoping that Easy Tether had a driver for this, because I have the 750 & the 1300. They both work great with easy tether. I hope someone finds a way to create an easy tether driver for this unit.

Theres got to be a way that this can be done. If theres a will, there always a way. Remember back in the days when you wanted your phone rooted & it took time for someone to come up with something, & sometimes it wasn’t what you thought it would be, but it got done. Someone can do this & make a driver to work with this router, even if it’s a different name besides Easy Tether. Im willing to pay if I have too. :sunglasses:

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