Wi-Fi 6 Travel Router (GL-AXT1800) is Coming Soon!

I did receive them, but they sadly were marked as SPAM by the mailserver, therefore did not reach my inbox. The were hidden in the junk mail. They did sent 4 messages: 1 almost a month ago, 1 x 24h before the sale started, 1 at the start of the sale and 1 to let know only the pre-order price was available.

Smh. That would of been the icing on the cake. :pensive:

Just saying, it’s better to have it, than need it, & not have it. Nothing like having that extra.

So I now everyone wanted the super early bird special, some got the early bird special and the pre-order is still open. Is one aloud to purchase multiple pre-order priced GL-AXT1800 and combine shipping with a early bird special? Asking for a friend?

We only limit one per customer for super early bird and early bird offers. You can purchase more on the third option"pre-order" offer. They can be shipped together but the shipping fee will not be reduced.

Still no EasyTether Driver for this unit yet?

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Seems there will never be. Because EasyTether project was dead.

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Agreed. Dead and time to move on.

Dead and time to move on

Do you know of any alternatives to EasyTether for these routers?

No, not really, but Im not gonna give up trying to find another way to make it happen.

This might be another tether option


Ok, the thing is, finding a driver that can be installed on the router, so the phone will connect to the router once easy tether or another driver setup is launched. EasyTether didnt make a driver the GL-AXT1800 Slate. Flashing a different firmware isnt gonna be an answer unless you have a driver to also install on the router, & a apk for the phone.

We have to find someone that really has their tec together. Anything can be done once you understand what the concept is, & how to create something similar that does the same thing. Think about it, EasyTether did it, so why cant someone else come up with something similar with a different name or find out exactly how they were making these drivers & make one. There has to be some type of tool to understand what the driver installed on the router needs in order to connect to the android application on your phone. Then you’ll see the app on the phone say, connection established…:blush:

When easytether was created for the first time, mobile data is still expensive and carriers has limitations. Now data is cheap and carrier do not put limitations.

There is still some market but maybe its market size shrinked a lot. So the income does not cover the cost and the software team is dismissed.

To clone such a project, is not cheap. It is much easier that the easytether team could recompile the source for new target.


Agree with you 100%.

True, your right about that. Also theres another router out besides the GL-AXT1800. Now theres the GL-A1300 (Slate Plus) Here’s another nice router that’s out that would be great to install Easy Tether if there was a driver for it.

Would you happen to know what easy tether driver would go on the GL-A1300 (Slate Plus)?

You can take a look at the following:

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Just figured out the Easytether Driver for the New GL-A1300 Slate. Works Flawlessly. Go to EasyTether site, where you get all the drivers from, OpenWrt 19.07.3+ then tap openssl, download that, & extract zip file into folders, look for ipq40xx tap generic then you’ll see easytether-usb-openssl_0.8.9-5_arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4.ipk Done Deal Bro…

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I think the answer to having EasyTether actually working on the GL-AXT1800 would be if GL-iNet makes a custom firmware with an functionable working EasyTether driver that was made already from EasyTether that works on this router. You would also have to pay for that custom firmware because its not something that you would normally get. What that price would be, would be up to GL-iNet. I would’nt have a problem paying for it at all…:sunglasses:

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