Best router for connecting to xfinitywifi hotspots?

I’m getting mixed answer through google. What is the best router for connecting to xfinitywifi hotspots?

What speed are you looking for and what features? When my Intel based router broke, I pressed my AR750S into service on Xfinity Gigabit service. It was good for up to about 500 Mbits/second LAN connected, and the WIFI on 2.4GHz was able to cover my house, but not at super fast speeds. I was seeing about 70Mbits/sec on WIFI. It had no issues working with my non-xfinity cable modem.

Speeds on my Intel based router using Xfinity Gigabit service > 900 Mbits/sec LAN connected, and WIFI on 2.4 GHz > 150 Mbit/sec, 5GHz > 350 Mbit/sec.

Hey eric, I’m sorry I should have included xfinitywifi “HOTSPOTS”. I am trying to see if I can cancel my xfinity home account and just use my xfinity business account via xfinitywifi hotspots. Hope that clears things up.

I have used my AR750S with many different open xfinitywifi hotspots. The first time I use it, I have to log it into my home account with a WEB browser, which can be a pain, and then it logs my MAC address into the xfinity system, so after that it just works. I never got it to work with the locked XFINITY hotspots, but I never tried that hard. Works fine and gives me about the same speed as when I directly connect with my PC. As it is an open connection, I always use a VPN I control, either using Wireguard or OpenVPN.

Thanks for the info! Do you know if the MT1300 (Beryl) is better than the AR750S for this setup?

This post seems to indicate that MT1300 wont work but I’m not sure if that is just user malfunction …

I have seen way too many issues posted to this group on the MT1300 to buy one. It uses proprietary MT drivers for WIFI which limits what you can do with it. This also goes for the Mango and n300 which also use proprietary MT drivers. I suggest using older models of GL iNet products, as it normally takes the GL iNet team awhile to get the firmware stable for newer models.

Thanks for the advise!

I have my dad setup on the mt1300 been working for about 5 weeks no probs i am on the 5ghz and a good signal update to the latest fw.

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