Best VPN to work with AR300M

I’m ditching PIA for slowness and other problems. I want a new VPN service that works great with the GL-AR300M. But I’m also hoping for good speed and ideally something that makes it easy for non experts to bypass VPN blockers. Any recommendations would be ver much appreciated!


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Torguard is officially support our router and provide technical support.

Though I don’t use the service around the world so could not tell if it unlocks all the services e.g. video streaming etc.

I use ProtonVPN/nordVPN on my MT300N-V2.
The only reason I found GLiNet is because of nordVPN, it’s as an supported router on their page (non router of GL-iNet specific just in general)

I use TorGuard here and it works fine. I have to reboot it daily. In my use case, I created a separate SSID called “Anonymous” on my main Firewall which uses the lil GLI guy as router.

I use cyberghost (VPN only) and smartdnsproxy (with their smart DNS and smartvpn combination). GL openvpn UI works with them both really well even though it’s not on list of officially supported/checked list.

On my GL-B1300 I get between 18-22Mbps on 5G and 22-25Mbps wired Ethernet to Nvidia shield/Firesticks with openvpn udp on their fastest servers (uk/Netherlands or USA east coast).

My BT line is 50Mbps. My Gl‑mt300n‑v2 achieves 8-10Mbps comfortably but I’ve even managed 15Mbps but I believe that was with a cyberghost PPTP not an openvpn connection.

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I’d second this as Mullvad supports Wireguard - which will have the least speed impact on the AR-300M - well worth going for. OpenVPN will slow things down a lot and I suspect you don’t want that.


NordVPN does not have WireGuard support yet. OpenVPN caps at maybe 8-9Mbit, whereas WireGuard will do 50Mb+ on the AR300M.

Some info’s relating NordVPN:

I’m screwed!. I’m disgusted with the way TorGuard ignored a problem they caused when they “upgraded” their servers. They still are useless and I’m unable to connect via this router. I’ve cancelled my subscription. If I’d known they were the cause, I’d have done it sooner. By the way I love the router and the latest firmware. It’s a shame you are tied up with TorGuard.

I want to setup a VPN server using Streisand and Cloudflare on one of their local Brisbane servers. Is this possible? Do you know of any reason it cannot be done? Otherwise I’m forging ahead.

You can set up your own server of course. You can set up OpenVPN or wireguard server without problem. But it may need some skills.

The easiest way is, if you have a public IP in your home, just use one GL router and set up as vpn server. Then it is free for you to use.

This is incorrect.

TorGuard was very clear about the updates in advance, explained the easy to do changes. Future focus, updating servers for IPv6 and adding new ‘Stealth’ capabilities. TG are essentially the most forward looking commercial VPN service out there. We aren’t talking kiddie land Nord or PIA here. Like comparing 2020 Toyota EV architecture to a 1999 Nissan Sentra’s.

OK. We have our own VPS based VPN servers, many of them worldwide, but use TorGuard dedicated IP for Netflix USA. Because it always works. (Stranger Things S3 anyone?)

Normally don’t use OVPN any more either, haven’t in a long time. But just to test the system after your comment, I downloaded the latest TG AU Sydney settings, installed on the AR300M, and now typing this with a AU IP. So, of course, it works very well, unsurprisingly. Boringly efficient as usual.

However, OVPN is legacy. We only use it in conjunction with Shadowsocks on the PC at times when nothing else works in circumventing the GFW of China.

WireGuard VPN is your friend. TorGuard also has it WireGuard. Try it.

Now then, with respect, Streisand? Seriously? You trashed TG and now you’re talking Streisand? Ten minutes of Google homework will reveal something far better. A simple WireGuard setup perhaps?

Have fun with it. But, yeah, you were/are 100% wrong about TG.

Torguard is based in US (Gag orders etc.).

If you look for privacy, search elsewhere.

Parent: Nevis, West Indies.

Fund accounts with anonymous gift cards (of all kinds). i.e. Target Visa paid by cash.
In house OpenPGP keyring encrypted email.
No logs. A court order can’t access what just isn’t there.
Non RADIUS WireGuard w/CloudFlare DNS.
OpenConnect servers worldwide.
State of the art Stealth and IPv6 server platforms.
Dedicated and Residential IP addresses for Netflix, etc.
Multiple USA access strategies for each: China, Iran, Turkey and Egypt.

If you can find that level of anonymity and that list of features elsewhere, please let me know.

Advertisements should be marked !

@alzhao : please take notice

Please guys, this was not an ad.

I do not work for TorGuard. nor do I represent them in any way. But yes, I do custom Network Security development for research corporation environments, around the world, for a living.

Since the first beta version of Windows XP, and virtually every Windows server platform, ~1999, till now. Including Linux in many/most of its stripes, colors and striations. Linux kernel now people!

The list of commercial vpn companies that we have tested over the last 10 years is extremely long. Their failings, and, obvious to us, the idea of profit taking over research investiture, being of most importance.

Short list for now, each with years of paid accounts for testing, some still active: Keeping in mind that OVPN is fallible now, far too slow, and has become legacy in the real world: But most of these companies spend more on advertising and GUI, than they do networking research.

All for an extremely uneducated public that still compares a DNS leak to a drippy faucet:

HideMyAss, HotSpot Shield, TunnelBear, ExpressVPN, Nord, Speedify, PIA, Zoog, WindScribe, BulletProof, Mullvad, CyberGhost, IP Vanish, VYPER, nauseum,. And TG.

We have our own servers world wide. Over 50, Both dedicateds and VPS slice based. We’ve been testing many platforms, including TOR (and its continuing fallibleness), custom RADIUS OCSERV, WireGuard, and many others, all, since alpha. And of course we have our own corp kenel based classification VPN installation scripts that are challenged 24/7.

The reasoning behind my first comment was for the benefit of all those who might have listened to mazinoz. He was completely in error, then dissed GL with it
Something that was not going to just get by here. Neophyte behavior notwithstanding.

Quite frankly, ‘Network Security’ should be a mandatory class beginning in the sixth grade.

Please for your own sake, don’t be lazy, or a whiner. Do your homework.

OK, now? What is the best VPN to work with the AR300M. You tell me.

Some info’s relating Torguard VPN:

Please scroll down to “TorGuard Cons – 1. Potentially Stolen Code”:

VPN.AC-Blog about potentially stolen code :

As bonus:

A lawsuit between Torguard VPN and NordVPN

Test of Torguard by That One Privacy Guy:

I’ll be your huckleberry.

A proxy extension overlay claim in 2015. Everybody had the same overlays. They’re just monthly paid server beds with bulk IPs. Even we, uh, wait, nvermd. Like saying, “Elvis stole my shirt at a 5&Dime lunch counter in Oxford Miss 1953” Hint: Every guy in town was wearing that exact same shirt.

Not a full COS award, as we say, but yeah, very close.
Let’s try that again., that’s all you got?

You do understand who the players are, and how VPN site’s advertising are financed?
Over 90%(more like 100%) of VPN review sites are owned by the heavy hitter VPN companies. They try to be subtle, but in the end the ads and promos tell the tale. Anyone can play. But who has the most money?

Clue: Everybody uses a lot of basically the same yearly invoiced dedi-server farms. Did you ever think of how this thing works? The list isn’t that long.

Once you understand the game, you will never use a commercial VPN service; Never ever again.

Education, Effort, Experience, Execution.

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Today I came across this post

So commercial vpn should be used for non-privacy use, right? I use my own vpn anyway.

Adding logging practice of VPN-provider :

Other criterions:

  • Is the provider pretending to be located in another country?

  • Is the provider located in a 5/9/14-eyes country ?

  • Is the provider spying with his website on his customers? (doubleclick etc.)

  • Is the provider cooperating with agencies, police ?

It’s interesting to see how the providers try to fool their customers.

Despite this I always use my vpn.

On top of all this, a commercial VPN is a company in the end and you are connecting to a single server. It is very easy for the NSA, CIA, etc to hack and get into the servers and see all connections. They also are known to do javascript injection on a lot of pages on the net, revealing your real IP regardless of what protections you try to use. VPN’s offer a false sense of security when you are trying to truly protect yourself if not used properly.

As @alzhao wrote, commercial VPN’s should only be used to bypass netflix and do other things, not for true privacy.

If you want to stay safe on the net (don’t do shady things, stay in school kids), you want to use an anonymous network such as TOR, I2P, Freenet etc. You want to have javascript disabled.

TOR Browser is a great tool to stay safe, but it doesn’t protect for downloads and files.

For bonus points you can run a fully virtualized and anonymized system such as Whonix, keeping processes and threads contained from each other, while traffic is sent into TOR for the entire OS.