Best VPN to work with AR300M


I’m ditching PIA for slowness and other problems. I want a new VPN service that works great with the GL-AR300M. But I’m also hoping for good speed and ideally something that makes it easy for non experts to bypass VPN blockers. Any recommendations would be ver much appreciated!



Torguard is officially support our router and provide technical support.

Though I don’t use the service around the world so could not tell if it unlocks all the services e.g. video streaming etc.


I use ProtonVPN/nordVPN on my MT300N-V2.
The only reason I found GLiNet is because of nordVPN, it’s as an supported router on their page (non router of GL-iNet specific just in general)


I use TorGuard here and it works fine. I have to reboot it daily. In my use case, I created a separate SSID called “Anonymous” on my main Firewall which uses the lil GLI guy as router.


I use cyberghost (VPN only) and smartdnsproxy (with their smart DNS and smartvpn combination). GL openvpn UI works with them both really well even though it’s not on list of officially supported/checked list.

On my GL-B1300 I get between 18-22Mbps on 5G and 22-25Mbps wired Ethernet to Nvidia shield/Firesticks with openvpn udp on their fastest servers (uk/Netherlands or USA east coast).

My BT line is 50Mbps. My Gl‑mt300n‑v2 achieves 8-10Mbps comfortably but I’ve even managed 15Mbps but I believe that was with a cyberghost PPTP not an openvpn connection.


Nice thread,
Actually, there are many Good VPNs are in the market like ExpressVPN or Nord. But for AR300M Mullvad VPN is awesome.


I’d second this as Mullvad supports Wireguard - which will have the least speed impact on the AR-300M - well worth going for. OpenVPN will slow things down a lot and I suspect you don’t want that.


Yes you are right…Mullvad supports Wireguard


I’m using NordVPN and is also working perfectly on AR-300M. I believe you will not face any such speed related issues with NordVPN and plus i have got multiple good features. All of them listed here: Especially multiple connections and its streaming app features are better than any other vpn service i have used in such price


NordVPN does not have WireGuard support yet. OpenVPN caps at maybe 8-9Mbit, whereas WireGuard will do 50Mb+ on the AR300M.