Best way to use MT1300 Beryl as a wireless NAS

I wish I could create a Wireless NAS using the Beryl MT1300 router.
The router must connect via WiFi to the main router and share the connected HDD via samba.
I don’t want to use the firewall part of the Beryl, nor create a new subnet. The beryl dhcp must therefore be deactivated.
Client PCs or Android devices must be able to connect to the WiFi of the main router or to the WiFi of the Beryl and be able to access the shared drive.

It’s possible?
How do I set it up like this?

Try Extender mode. More Settings - Network Mode - Extender

Already tried, but samba isn’t working in this way

Extender network mode should work, with the following caveats:

  1. You should use a Static IP address for the NAS, or it may be necessary to unplug and replug the LAN cable for the Beryl to pick up a DHCP IP address from the main router.

  2. The Beryl LAN IP address must be in a different subnet than the main router and NAS. The Beryl LAN IP is only used to access its Admin Panel.

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