Boost mobile using both hotspot and plan data on GL-X3000

I restored an I phone imei on the GL-X3000.
Bought a 3 month Boost Mobile SIM card on Amazon.

I streamed about 6 hours of tv while camping over the weekend and my boost mobile account shows im using both hot spot data and the plan data.

Is there a setting I need to change?

Set TTL to 65: Changing TTL in OpenWrt 22.03

I’m fairly certain that the GL-X3000 Spitz is using OpenWRT 21.x.

You are right, it’s OpenWRT 21.

There was a ttl setting in the sim settings I made the change there at the APN screen

I went back to look at my data usage today and the router has been off since the last screen shot and now the remaining 4gb hot spot data is gone.

Seems like they caught on and penalized me or they cheat on counting how much data was used.

Also in the apn didn’t auto fill like the att chip. So I manually entered it just now. I’m going to see if it will let me continue to use up this data.

Also the router shows I have only used 12.12 gb data

Is it possible that “hotspot data” is contained within the whole “plan data”? In that case it would all add up, more or less.

Cellular provider might consider your traffic as hotspot because of TTL. Another possibility is that your router is set to use a special hotspot APN instead of a generic smartphone APN.