Brume 2 and Google Nest Mesh Setup


I want to setup a home vpn and use a travel router to connect to while away from home. My current setup is ISP router → Google Nest Mesh. Im not quite sure what the best setup will be but I do know that you cannot enable bridge mode on the Nest without disabling the mesh network. I also know that I only want the travel router traffic to be under a VPN and utilizing the killswitch.

What are the pros and cons of these two different configurations below:

  1. ISP > Nest Mesh > Brume 2
  2. ISP > Brume 2 > Nest Mesh

I believe the setup in option 1 is pretty straightforward as the Brume sits in front of the Nest and I just set the port forward. However, I have yet to be able to configure it this way because the connection to the Brume 2 times out for some reason when trying to set up and connect to the router plugged into the Nest. Im also concerned about double NAT issues but should I be?

For option 2 how do I set this up without blocking the Nest network behind the Home VPN? Also, which option would be most performant for the HomeVPN client without slowing down the Nest Network?

Appreciate any advice.

EDIT: If Im reading correctly I just set the Brume 2 to bridge mode to achieve the setup in option 2. Is this correct in that the Nest will be bridged to the ISP modem with no interference or performance issues on the Nest network and the VPN and Kill-swtich will not affect the Nest network? Fro option 1 I need to setup the Brume 2 in Drop in Gateway mode?