Brume 2 No VPN application on the router

Noted with thanks :blush:.

Btw, may i know why got error message of DHCP protocol for flint router after connected to Brume 2.

Main router is Brume 2 which is PPPOE protocol then flint is 2nd router of DHCP protocol but error after connected to brume 2 for the internet?

Hi @alzhao, @cafebug,
I just order a Brume2 for self host adguardhome and wiregard server from taobao before I saw this thread.
So most probably I will meet same situation that adgardhome/vpn will not be availabled in my Brume2.
Can you guide me how to fix it please?
Thank you.

Check your message pls.

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@alzhao Hello, I just have the same problem.Can you help me ?

Hi there, I just bought one from Taobao and will probably meet the same problem. Could you DM how to fix it? Thanks!