Brume 2 No VPN application on the router

Noted with thanks :blush:.

Btw, may i know why got error message of DHCP protocol for flint router after connected to Brume 2.

Main router is Brume 2 which is PPPOE protocol then flint is 2nd router of DHCP protocol but error after connected to brume 2 for the internet?

Hi @alzhao, @cafebug,
I just order a Brume2 for self host adguardhome and wiregard server from taobao before I saw this thread.
So most probably I will meet same situation that adgardhome/vpn will not be availabled in my Brume2.
Can you guide me how to fix it please?
Thank you.

Check your message pls.

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@alzhao Hello, I just have the same problem.Can you help me ?

Hi there, I just bought one from Taobao and will probably meet the same problem. Could you DM how to fix it? Thanks!

@alzhao : Hello, same problem. Can you help me ?

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Hello @alzhao, I have same problem, would you help me?

Hello @alzhao I’ve got same problem, I didn‘t know there is a CN version, can you help me to fix it?Thanks

Guys, if you are not in China, pls do not buy from Taobao.

We can only sell Chinese version there.

Same issue here, if anyone can help!

Same here after upgrade to v4.2.0 on a GL-AXT1800. I downgraded to old version and it works again. Please DM me the info, so I can complete the upgrade :pray: