Brume 2 No VPN application on the router

Hi, am just received my Brume 2 and noticed that no VPN application on the router.

May i know what is going on and how to connect VPN ?


I mean this one is missing on Brume 2?

Did you upgrade to the latest v4.1.1 firmware ?

Yes, i did but stilk same

No vpn and no adguard home functions

It’s really weird, maybe you should do a factory reset or Uboot it.

Already reset but still same. I just received the product by today only.

Please help where is the features?

It’s strange to have a “CN” label there even I change my language to Simplified Chinese, I don’t see the label there. :grimacing: (is there any “China” only firmware version available ? )

Is this is a fake as i just received it by today?

What should i do now since vpn applications is not available on the router?

Uboot it again with firmware source “” to see what will happen. (I assumed that you only press the “Reset” hardware button to go through “factory reset” procedure only.)

Yes, i have uboot the router with the firmware but unfortunately still same as no vpn applications?

Is this a China set send it to me since the admin panel CN labeled?

Calling @alzhao for help.

Your customer support is already help me to resolve the issue. Excellent customer support especially 小龙 . Btw, thanks :blush:

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so…what happened to your router ?

We are not supporting VPN and Adguard Home function for products sold in China.

So pls do not buy from Taobao if you are not in China.