Brume 2 - Problems connecting to the internet. Firewall issue?

I’ve factory reset my unit, so can take any advice to get working.

I have allowed in Luci to see the admin page on WAN. Before it was only accessible by LAN.
I’ve opened port 80 TCP/UDP in the web access GUI. No luck.

I have the unit connected to my Draytek router.
The Brume is going to have an access point connected, and will be my mini WiFi network for IPTV running a VPN.

It cannot get an internet connection though.

How do I get it working please?

I’ve managed to get it running, and WireGuard running when accessing the admin page from WAN.

As soon as I connect via the LAN, the connection goes?

You’re setting yourself up for a world of hurt by exposing that port the public Internet/WAN. You can manage the device over WireGuard once it’s set up properly if need be but if you’re on the same LAN as the WG Server device it shouldn’t be needed.

I’d revert/reflash to stock & just let the device get whatever IP it gets from the upstream router; something smells distinctly ‘off’ about those screenshots. I’d also highly recommend setting this all up fr a computer, not a phone, if you value the use of a keyboard proper.

Thank you.
I’ve factory reset for the 100th time now.
I’ve left everything stock. My main router has assigned an IP (static via DHCP).
I’ve left it as DHCP in the Brume for the connection rather than setting it all manually.

I’ve connected to Brume 2 LAN, exactly the same issue.
No internet connection.

“The interface is connected, but the Internet can’t be accessed.”

I want to throw it at the wall.

No doubt. Can you get to a PC? Maybe grab yourself a cup of coffee & a have a cig first; I’m going to direct you to SSH into the Burme2 & we’ll need to check a few things in from the command line interface.

I have some vague suspicions but nothing concrete ATM. Working from the CLI saves some time ‘clicking around’ GUIs… but we may have to do that as well.

(Hell, I’m going for a cup of tea, myself. BRB.)

This message is caused by the mwan3 failover ping/dns check thingy.
What I want to say: Don’t trust this message. Check always by yourself if the internet is reachable or not.

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Thank you so much.

I can successfully connect using Terminal (iPhone)

We are lacking in PC at the moment, just an old Chromebook. I can probably use that, but I’ve found terminal is fine with an Ethernet adapter on phone (sorry)

I’ve now turned that off because I’m sick of seeing it

Goddamnit, admon; that’s exactly where I was going w/ this! :wink:

@Ilovelamp : Yeah, I have mine turned off too but if you want to leave it on for whatever reason, set the tracking IPs to Quad9 (, & jack up the ping counts, timeout & track interval a few points higher. I find the GL ‘stock’ options not to be the best.

The problem I’ve got still is the internet or VPN connection does as soon as a device is plugged in to the LAN port.

I managed to get a WireGuard config on to to the Brume, and connected. It worked for about a minute. Now, whenever a device is replugged in the connection goes.

If I power cycle the device, it will turn on and auto connected the VPN (looking at the LED).

I’ve even tried plugging a switch in and the same issue.

As soon as I plug something in to the LAN the VPN will die and the internet connection.

You’d think that wouldn’t happen nor need to but that’s actually expected: when a new client device is connected while WG Server/Client is active… & especially when WG Server/Client is active… a running background process called netifd (“network interface daemon”) gets called to reload, rebuild all the routing tables/firewall rules to/from the WAN to the LAN clients.

If you don’t have WG Server/Client running it’s done rather quickly so it’s not really something one would notice with a more powerful router like the Burme2… but because WG is in the mix, trying to engage with other endpoints, well, tell the Bossman you’re going on a smoke break. :wink:

Seriously though, you should be able to see this play out via logread -e netifd.

My wife is getting so annoyed with me.

My wife is getting so annoyed with me.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you without further details. Which model are you using and which firmware version is installed?

Is the wife still under warranty?

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Tell the Bossman you’re gonna unionize. :wink:

Yeah, we better ask for the firmware version currently installed. Lotta buggy code out there, after all.

Wife is a reliable UK version from1992. Fully compatible with my hardware.

The Brume 2 is 4.4.6.