Brume 2 VPN Policy Mixed Mode


I have an Brume 2. It´s great you have more Modify Proxy Modes available, but the important function it does not have.


I need an Mixed Mode between Based Client Device and Based on Target Domain or IP.

In Based on the Client Device option i need to open Target Domain.

I have to set up in Based Client Device, some devices who use VPN.
But some Websites blocks the VPN. So i have to Whitelist them, but thats not possible in Based Client Device Mode. I need the Mode Target Domain or IP. But when i use thist “not use VPN” for that Domain i cant use the “VPN use” for my other devices.

The Problem is:

I have 112 Smart Home Devices Switches and so on for my Home Assistant. This all should don´t use the VPN.

So i need VPN only for some Client like PC, Smartphone and TV. And here its the problem that Some Domains blocked. I hope you understand what i mean?

It would be really great if it will be improved in an Update very soon. Or is there any other chance that i does not found out till now?


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This feature is in the planning stage, but it won’t be soon, and it still has a lot of technical issues to resolve.
List of current feature requests 2023 - Technical Support for Routers - GL.iNet (


Thanks .I really hope that the engineers can implement this soon.

REALLY looking forward to this item.

Any update on timeline? and could you please point me to the text of the specific roadmap item that maps to this item on the list of current feature requests 2023 - Technical Support for Routers - GL.iNet (

GREAT Product- thank you all!


Maybe you could find it here.


Perfect answer and description. THANKS!