Brume - Deutch Telekom FFTH and VLAN tagging

Hello everyone, I’m kind of going crazy over this.
I got an optical fiber connection from Deutch Telekom (Magenta), Telekon provided the modem. I have the user/password to initiate the PPPoE connection but when I do from the Brume interface, it fails. That’s normal because Telekom needs a VLAN tagging to 7.
I checked the Openwrt guide but I still can’t get it to work with the same config. I tried to access Switch in Luci but there is none.
At the moment I use my former Synology RT2600 but I really want to fit the Brume instead (and my Beryl maybe later).
Could somebody guide me through the process to get it to work?

Thank you

Can you try to apply the vlan tag?

You can refer to MV1000 Brume setting lan1 with tagged vlans only and creating 6 more vlans

Thanks @alzhao, I’m still unsure how to proceed with the tagging on the Brume.

At the moment I connected a Beryl instead and was able to get it to work with the following configuration of my /etc/config/network:

How to achieve similar setup on the Brume since vlan is not managed by swconfig?

hi Yopo:
BRUME vlan is not managed by swconfig.It is different form Beryl.

For BRUME,You need add:

config interface ‘wan_pppoe’
option ipv6 ‘0’
option proto ‘pppoe’
option username ‘username***’
option password ‘password***’
option metric ‘10’
option disabled ‘0’
option ifname ‘wan.7’

Thank you @lizh

option ifname ‘wan.7’

is exactly what was needed!