Brume mv1000 crash

Hi, I have the mv1000, with a 8812au plugged. I’m using it as repeater, and every 1 or 2 days I have to restart the router because it crashed ! Anyone have the same issue ?

I’ve been using the MV1000 with an Alfa AWUS036ACS (lsusb 0bda:0811) plugged in, for a few weeks now. I am using the MV1000 as an OpenVPN gateway, and the wifi dongle as an access point. I have a mix of devices on ethernet and wifi.

After a few days uptime, the VPN gets laggy and starts losing packets etc, requiring a reboot. And once it crashed entirely. So it would seem Brume is not stable in certain configurations for more than a few days. This is with firmware 3.104.

Running openvpn on Brume as well. After 12 days uptime Memory status, Total available at 3 percent and Memory free at 2 percent. After reboot both are over 80 percent. Is a regular reboot necessary?
Firmware 3.104

There is a memory leak problem in Brume firmware and still working on to fix that.


Nice, so we will have a software upgrade soon ? :slight_smile:

Hi, Any new about a coming upgrade to resolve the memory leak ? Because this problem is really annoying ?!

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There will be new firmwares released next week :slight_smile:

Reboot Brume from the admin console seems to turn the router off. I have to unplug the router and replug to complete the reboot.

sweet :slight_smile: i can’t wait

No I realized that when the memory is at about 98% and you are rebooting through the app or admin panel, the router crash and then you have to unplug . but if its less than 90% i don’t have to unplug

Will send out a firmware for you to test which fix memory leak

awesome, thanks a lot

Can I get the test firmware too? I have a long time problem with the brume and memory leak MV-1000W High memory - #15 by alzhao

Is the killswitch 100% working on the test firmware?

i haven’t receive the firmware yet, did u send it to me , or not yet?

Not yet. Coming quite soon.

I have the memory leak on Brume as well. To resolve I need to reboot the router. If I reboot the router from the admin console the router shuts off and I need to physically unplug and replug the power to complete the reboot. This is not convenient when you are remote. Do you have a fix for the memory leak and what appears to be a reboot bug please?

Hi Bob

Experiencing the same need to reboot for the MV1000 too. Indeed, if reboot from the GI menu, it will not restart, and will need to manually unplug the power to reboot.
However, using the Android app (for remote), the reboot does work.

Well, patiently waiting for the revised firmware too.

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Pls try this firmware which should fixed the problem

Will this work on the mv1000W too?

Yes. MV1000 and MV1000W use the same firmware