Brume + usb wifi dongle performance

hi… i recently purchased the brume + wifi kit and i’m seeing the following results testing through and… all averaged out after testing 3 times on each site on a gig fiber connection.

with Wireguard VPN OFF:
wifi: 79Mbps / 130Mbps
lan: 880Mbps / 730Mbps

With Wireguard VPN ON:
wifi: 52Mbps / 3.7Mbps
lan: 85Mbps / 11Mbps

as previously stated, i purchased the kit. this kit comes with a “AC-1200Mbps Dual-band Wireless USB Adapter” recognized on the dashboard as a “8812AU Dongle”. I am testing in direct view of the router w/ a desktop running win10 + AC wireless PCIE card. i can understand the lack of performance w/ the VPN option enabled. however, with it off, the most i’m able to get even w/ vpn off is “79Mbps / 130Mbps” … i’ve set the wireless options to 5ghz - 802.11a/n/ac - 20/40/80 - 161. what am i missing here?..

i’ll mostly be using this device with wireless clients. is this performance normal?

thanks in advance.

edit1: changing channel bandwidth to “80 mhz” only improved wifi performance tho this may be a problem if intend to use devices other than laptops + desktops (?)
connecting to torguard 10gbit wireguard slightly improved performance (tho not relevant)

best results i’ve seen so far are 112Mbps download / 112Mbp upload.

Yeah, it’s certainly crappy. But you should use the search function.
Several people have said a few (bad) things about it. But no official answer yet.
As a system and network admin for more than 20 years, I suggest you use a decent WiFi access point instead of trying to emulate one with a MV1000. You will fail. I’ll probably be banned for good with this one, huh ?

thank you. sorry but i’m new here. id like to hear about these other options… preferably one with the footprint and power of the brume kit.

Mv1000 with Alfa AC600

Openvpn on (NordVPN)
WiFi: 59Mb/10.4Mb

Geez . That’s pretty abysmal. Thanks bob .

Yes but it’s better than your wireguard numbers, that needs some investigation

Ooh MB/s … sorry . Thanks bob . At this point I’m not even getting that w/out vpn enabled

Certainly wifi dongle on Brume is not fast and this is not the use case of Brume with Dongle.

The real user case is that some Dongles has high gain antenna so that you can repeater signals that are week…

When I use the BRUME (I often switch to a RT-AC68U because I prefer the FreshTomato interface and it gives more VPN options) I connect it to a Mikrotik wAP ac. I measured 6 W input from the POE injector power supply. I’m not going to detail its specifications here as it’s not the place but you’ll find it easily.