Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) is now on Kickstarter!

The NEW Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) is live now on Kickstarter! :fire: It is the special edition of our popular Brume line. It comes with an embedded 2.4GHz #WiFi module. Back us on Kickstarter:


Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) have a exelent speed. Its possible to replace the WiFi module by WiFi 6 dual 2.4 / 5 GHz WiFi module for get the speed and the security of WiFi6 ?

WiFi 6 hardware are already available from gl prefered wifi hardware vendor:

Doing without external, non-removable antennas would make the Travel Router smaller.

Just my 2 cents.

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Now i compared the VPN speed of some mainstream gl router. From this point of view its intereseting to replace ar-300, ar750x by GL-MV1000W.

List of VPN speed of different gl router models:

How about WPA3, protectet management frames, 2.4/5GHz wifi, WiFi6 and a conservative color of router, for busines use ?

How about Openwrt and Ubuntu on the router ?

  • Its dual boot and how to connect the monitor to the router. Will be the monitor connected by the WiFi 6 monitor display mode ? What the benefit of a aditional Ubuntu on the open wrt router ? Or does the GL-MV1000W dont use the open wrt firmware 3.1.004 with the proven gl menues and functions ?

Notice that new Brume-W only has 2.4ghz wifi, not 5ghz.

You can switch between OpenWRT and Ubuntu using a script to change uboot partition. Ubuntu does not have the pretty GL UI, its pure command line for now.

Hmm. Wats the benefit of a solution like this ?

A lot of users wanted a Brume with built in wifi, so they don’t need an external wifi dongle for it. Using a dongle is the same, you can only have 2.4ghz. It’s a chipset limitation as the wifi dongles are mainly used as clients not routers.

The Brume is the most powerful GL router and has Ubuntu, so it’s like a raspberry pi with built in switch. You can run all Ubuntu apps that work on ARM, not limited to embedded apps.

Its not clear for me, what the benefit of ubuntu on a router. How to connect the Monitor. You compared with the brume with a rasberry pi. This one have a hdmi port. And what the benefit of open wrt without gl gui ? For my is the gl gui, the primary point to buy a gl router.

Maybe i didn’t make it clear, if you run OpenWRT on the Brume and Brume-W it has the GL UI, as other GL routers. It is only when you switch to Ubuntu it has no UI.

Anything you can do with the UI you can do via command line. The UI is basically running commands in the background in the same way, just showing them in the webpage. You can list clients, change settings all from command line. Advanced users probably don’t use the UI at all, for example i run scripts and custom C++ programs to control my routers and configurations.

Ok. The gl openwrt gui can still used. Thats great. Dont have a hdmi port like a rasberry pi :wink: . The RAM have now a better error correction. The VPN speed is perfect.

$139? is that placeholder price? that’s really expensive for 2.4ghz only device.

It can be it was a old oem order, before the 2020, the year of WiFi6. I guess we wil get what we need from the next oem order. We just have to tell him what we need. It looks like thats our part and it need a little bit our help.

That will be great for customer and share holder.

It’s only 10 dollars more to have wifi, so not that expensive.

Add 10USD more for WiFi6 and sell some devices or dont add and dont sell.


How powerful is the Wifi antenna going to be?

Nice to see that Brume-W has WiFi in any case… The WiFi NIC is the RTL8192EU, which is connected over USB to the MV3720.

It’s a 2T2R chip, so should be capable on N300 bandwidth on WiFi4/WPA2.

As a client chipset, one is looking at perhaps 16 dBm max Tx, and limited number of client stations, maybe no more that 8

Adding $10USD to Brume vs. Brume-W - this is well within the BOM addition of the RTL chip, and the additional NRE required for FCC cert.

That $10 buys a lot of utility, on what is already a fairly powerful device.


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