BrumeW "bonus feature" USB-C port provides Ethernet to computer if it supplies enough power to boot the router

The most awesome and unexpected feature of the BrumeW has been the USB-C port also appears as an Ethernet connection if you happen to have it plugged into a computer or other device capable of supplying enough power for the router to operate. I wasn’t expecting this and it blew my mind because it means that I should be able to far more easily route only certain traffic from my computer over the “wired” connection while still remaining connected to a work or other wireless connection rather than having to flip back and forth between a work connection and a personal/VPN protected connection.

I’ve tested this on both a Macbook Pro and a Chromebook, and on the Chromebook I was actually just using a USB 3.0 port and not a USB-C/PD port. ChromeOS happily recognized the router as an Ethernet connection once the router had fully booted.

I just spotted a hint about this on the device’s product page, but it basically means we get a “bonus” ethernet port, though maybe not Gigabit speed, it should be plenty fast especially since unless using a wired WAN connection in the “repeater/extender” mode you are limited to far less than gigabit by the 2.4Ghz wireless N 300mbps top speed anyways.

1x USB3.0 Type-C Power Supply + Data Communication


It is USB3.0 so speed should be OK. You can test the speed on Mac book pro to see what is the speed of from Ethernet to USB Ethernet port.

It is software USB Ethernet driver so it needs to work after the system fully boot. You can make it to works as other drivers like keyboard etc.

Wow. Just plugged into my Lenovo C340 Chromebook via USB C and via USB-3 with an ethernet connection to my MV1000 and yeppers, an ethernet connection. Kewl! :slight_smile:

Both USB C and USB 3 connection has some penalty compared with a direct wired “normal” connection (approximately 30 Mbps versus 45Mbps)

What this means to me is that a MV1000W now makes a little bit more sense (at least in a single notebook situation) to use as a travel WISP repeater than it did before (Wired USB connection to notebook and WISP on 2.4GHz to “source”) :slight_smile:


can USB3 HDD somehow be used in BrumeW? thx