BUG: firmware 3.212

The default WIRELESS password in the firmware for the AR300M is not “goodlife” but rather “PL20180515”.
Spent some time faffing about with this before I found the problem!

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Can you let me know is this a router that you bought before? or recently?

3.212 will read unique wifi key which is put in the router during production. But it should not affect old products and PL20180515 should not be a valid wifi key. Unless you bought from some channels that we dont’ know.

Had the router for ages, so not new.
Never had the problem before and went back to 3.211 and the wireless password reset correctly to “goodlife”.

Can you do further test and let me know the details?

I’d like to do some further investigation of this problem.

I upgraded using the .tar (didn’t save settings) and I couldn’t connect to the wifi with goodlife.
I SSH’s to the router and saw the password in etc/config.wireless as in Post 1. I managed to connect using that.
Also, connected by LAN and confirmed password as in Post 1

Went back to old firmware (didn’t reserve settings), connected to wifi with goodlife, entered admin panel, changed WiFi password, then upgraded with “keep settings”.

This is an AR300M with external antennae - suggest you try and see if you can replicate.

Send you a private message. I need some more info from you.

Have the same issue with AR150, but password neither ‘goodlife’ nor ‘PL20180515’. Any advice?

Can you connect to the route via lan cable and ssh to it and get some data?

It was ‘PL20170926’ (router AR150, firmware 3.212).

Hi, same problem here. Have GL-AR300M-Lite, that was on original firmware (as come from Amazon). Just upgraded it today to latest and cannot access it - invalid WiFi password. The “goodlife” no longer works. Tried reset to factory defaults - i.e. kept reset button for over 10 seconds. Tried uboot and uploading various firmwares via “debrick” procedure - but it seems debricking does not work. When restart it after “debricking / ubook”, still see the same GL-AR300M-d33-NOR wifi that I cannot access. Any idea what new “default” password would be? Seems uboot flashing does not work.

Can you ssh to the router and use the following command

For AR150

hexdump /dev/mtd6

Then send me the output via private message?

For AR300M, can you try

hexdump /dev/mtd3

Can you tell me how can I run this command? I cannot access router in any way. No SSH as it seems to have only one WAN port and I can’t get to WiFi to get to UI. Uboot via does not allow me to upload any firmware - it upload file, pretends to do something and no effect.

It does not not have a LAN port? i.e. it is AR300M-Lite version?

For uboot, can you upgrade uboot itself first?

First download the uboot for AR300M from uboot-for-qca95xx/bin at master · gl-inet/uboot-for-qca95xx · GitHub
Then in uboot failsafe access
After you do that, flash a firmware 3.211 and older, then you can connect wifi.

My password was “goodlife”. Until yesterday then it changed inexplicable to “PL20180515” Had to use ethernet cable to figure this out.

Yes. Confirmed bug in 3.212 for some routers. Fixing in 3.215.

What is the password for the SSID a GL-AR300M-EXT could have auto-upgraded itself to? Neither of the mentioned passwords work for me.

Connect a cable to the LAN and login the router, change the wifi key.

I’ve unknowingly updated my GL-AR300M-Lite to the 3.212 Firmware and after an reset the WIFI Password is nether of the stated above. I tried to examine the firmware but to no avail.

Since I can not connect to it via LAN, it only has one WAN Port, I will have to try other means of resetting it. Any advice would be much appreciated. /Update I managed to perform the flash via uboot.

I find it rather disturbing that this firmware is available for download if it has such a major flaw.

3.212 for AR300M is called back due to this problem.

Pls try 3.215 beta3.