GL-AR750 incorrect default WiFi password (not "goodlife")

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a used GL-AR750 and realized that the WiFi password for (at least) FW 3.216 and 4.3.2 beta 1 is not “goodlife” but “PL20171115” for some reason. I did a factory reset before installing 3.216 and upgraded to 4.3.2 beta 1 without keeping settings. I don’t remember what the originally installed FW version was.
It seems like this is a similar bug as in BUG: firmware 3.212

Can you please confirm

  1. if this is a known bug and
  2. where those “PL…” WiFi password come from?

Best regards

I know you’re not ‘bricked’ but I don’t suppose this would be worth a punt for 'ya:

2021 Aug 02, GL-iNet, How to Use UBoot to Debrick Your GL.iNet Router 2021, Youtube

It’s how I do a ‘clean slate’ on the device(s) before I get deep into OWRT. FWIW.

It is a bug in 4.x for this model.

The 4.x is trying to read a unique wifi key from the ROM but actually for these models it is not correct.

You can just change the key and use it. We will fix it in late upgrade.

But do you save it in the ROM instead of the openwrt configuration files ? What happens to the Wi-Fi password in the rom when I user changes the Wi-Fi password ?

The unique wifi key is saved in ROM, not openwrt config files. Whene you change wifi key in the admin panel, it only changes what in the openwrt config files, not the ROM.
So once you reset the firmware, the unique wifi key will be applied again.

To to clarify, the unique wifi key only applies to some models, e.g. AX1800, AXT1800, MT3000, X3000 etc.
It should not apply in old wifi 5 products eg AR750