Bug Reporting Thread For Firmware v3

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It’s not a Button - it’s a Switch. It’s certainly not a “Switch Button”

gl_cgi is calling wget every 10 seconds to check the public ip on some poor Taiwan DNS check service. this seems WAY overkill.

I also don’t see the public IP that is obtained supplied anywhere in the WebUI.

I’m actually not too happy with you guys compiling these scripts into binaries we can’t take care of ourselves. I will probably end up ditching this UI

It’s a button switch :stuck_out_tongue:

The backend has all the features of 2.2x, but the v3 UI is not ready for them, so they are there working in the background, like the DynDNS service.

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Build 0929 AR300M:

  1. It is not possible to change server (within current config) without disconnecting
    Also, one now has to click on management to do this - it doesn’t make sense to have connect and change servers on a different tab (most annoying). Kindly consider putting the change server back on the status/connect page, as with 2.27.

  2. The servers (ovpn list) are not sorted alphabetically, which make it very hard to select a preferred server if you have a lot in your profile (I have several hundred).



The VPN page shows no logs after it is ‘successfully’ connected. During a network hiccup I logged into the router and could see OpenVPN was reconnecting. This used to be shown in the old UI. This should come back to help see whats going on.


Yeah i vote for this too. I miss the old Status page.

Definitely this should be added.

usability issue:
if you disable manual dns settings the ip:s you have provided are lost when reenabling manual dns again.

please keep the information so it is easy to switch using manual dns and not.

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usability issue:
in order to disable the keep alive function in wireguard you need to set the value to 0
which is not clear from the ui.

I tried to delete the default value by blanking it but the default value reappeared.

suggest to accept blank value as well as 0 to disable keep alive function.

AR750(white), gl-ar750-3.003-0926.bin:
*** looks like wrong auto channel selection on "Auto Channel Mode on 2,4 GHz WiFi**
( Select one EU Country for WiFI and select “Auto Channe” for 2,4 GHz WiFi, is selecting Channel 6. That should be happen only in US and WiFi equal countrys. In EU and WiFi equal countrs make only one of follow channels sense by auto channel selection: 1; 5; 9; 13)

Missing the auto-connect disable checkbox on saved wifi’s. If I want to disable one I have to delete it entirely – no good.

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The switch on the ar750 will only turn off the vpn, it will not turn back on without manually restarting the vpn

The new VPN interface does not allow to change or (even just restart) VPN servers while the leak protection is enabled. You have to disable VPN - which then makes your network unprotected, then go to the other menu, click 3 other things, find the VPN you want to switch to, then click back to the other page and click connect.

Please make this easy (2 clicks) like it used to be.

I already reported this “bug” a few posts above but the leak problem is a very good spot.
I only ever use my router for VPN (never want direct connection/leaks), so I think we should go back to an “enable” VPN with “no internet if not connected” options, or at least the latter.


The only solution to this is split tunnel with policy based routing

Only solution to what? If you refer to the “kill switch”, you are incorrect, as it worked perfectly with firmware 2.27. Put simply, if you enable the VPN and the connection drops, ALL internet is blocked.