Bug Reporting Thread For Firmware v3

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AR750(white), Beta 3.002:

Mainmenue → Menue CLIENTS:

  • WiFi only connected PC, are shown two times. Will shown as WiFI connected device and (the never LAN connectead) are shown additional as LAN conneted device.
  • Show the not existing LAN connection with the MAC of WiFi connection of PC.

Other points removed to Feature Request Thread For Firmware v3 - #73 by Henry_Bruns

@kyson-lok Issue with the Wifi Client UI, have you seen this issue before?

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AR750 white, Beta 3.005:

5GHz WiFi:

  • only 4 of 19 channels are shown on simple WiFi menue.
  • only max speed of 150 mbps possible to configure AND SAVE on advanced Admin menue
  • not possible to save the configuration “Isolate Clients” on advanced Admin menue.

I didn see this on old firmware 2.272. A I didnt looking for wrong thinks on 2.272.

@kyson-lok 3.0 firmware on AR300M does not have FPU emulation enabled in kernel.

@nopro404 Yeah, it is disabled on openwrt-18.06 by default. This feature will postponed to the next release.

AR750S & AR750, Beta 3.002:

USB Tether to Android

I am unable to tether to Android via USB, the AR750 devices, either provide power momentarily or not at all. It has also caused reboots of the device. Looking at the kernel log page, doesn’t show the device connecting. A standard USB stick works fine and delivers power to it.

I had used the same mobile device without issue with the AR750 on 2.272 firmware.

Any kernel log before the reboot?

I didn’t notice anything when I was monitoring it. The reboots are intermittent and don’t happen all the time. Most of the time it just fails to provide power or connect to the phone.

AR750(white), Beta 3.002:


  • 2G: only 150 MBit possible, on advanced menue only Mode n available, Mode b,g missing
  • 5G: only max 150 MBit possible, no 300MBit or 450 MBit

Router Time:

  • router dont take time from internet by “Etc, UTC” or “Etc, UTC+/-x”

OK, will fix.

Do you mean in sync timezone page?

How do you test? Speedtest?

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Cloudlare DNS speed shown on website like:
13 ms * DNS Performance - Compare the speed and uptime of enterprise and commercial DNS services | DNSPerf
11ms *

Dont get the on V3.002 the 77 and 95 ms measured on V3.001 by Open VPN:
Own measurement by website service on V3.001:
32 ms * http://www.speedtest.net
55ms * http://www.speed.io

Those are pings to the server you are performing the speed test to. Has nothing to do with the DNS server.

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I installed the 0915 testing version on my AR750S and USB tethering is working fine

OK, thanks for you feedback.

GL-AR750(white), v3.005-1024 or 1026:

  • WiFi cahnnels: * 5 GHz WiFi: only channel 36, 40, 44, 48 available on , on adwanced administration are all about 20 channels available. Selecting WiFi channels on 2GHz WiFi is working fine.
  • WiFi speed: * 5GHz WiFi: only 433MBit availabel by drope down menue (it working by me only with 150MBit, dont no its depend on me or depend on AR750white), 2GHz WiFi: is working fine. Can select some speed modes and is working with max 300Mit.

Please verify a successful VPN connection was made before storing the state of the VPN to “AutoEnabled” for next boot; I had a bad VPN connection (due to misconfiguration, it would have never worked) that got auto-re-enabled on the next boot and I thought I’d had DNS/connectivity issues because of that.

AR300M - The LED’s are not the same as they were.

Version 3.003
Left Green Power LED: ON (good)
Middle Green WiFi LED: Flashes while connecting - then ON while connected. Used to flash with Wifi activity - Please make it flash with activity
Right Red VPN LED: OFF when VPN enabled OR disabled - Used to blink when VPN was connected. Either make it blink or ON when VPN is connected.

Possible bugs and some suggestions/observations:
AR200M (nano), F/W 3.002 0926

Every time I click a menu I get a pop-up asking to save the password (Firefox)

Request:alphabetical listing of ovpn configs (i have hundred and could not easily find the one I wanted to connect to).

Dropping ovpn file config files should probably say “copy” and not “move”.

Cannot drag more than one ovpn file at a time.

Cannot add ovpn file to a current profile.

Cannot delete more than one ovpn at a time.

Plug in list - too much padding and would prefer all same letters on one page as with old firmware, In any case, I could only get 10 pages of “K” to load (last listed App was kmod-crypto).

More settings > network mode means nothing (to me) without explanation of each mode (and pictures are meaningless too!)

Revert firmware could probably be better named eg. “reset router”

Advanced menu name could be change to include mention of Luci.

Too many menus under advanced - For example, I would prefer one called Admin with admin password, LAN IP, time zone etc all on one page.

Put upgrade and revert firmware on one page (as with 2.27)

DNS over TLS from Cloudflare > help or explanation

Firewall rules seem to have changed to allow forwarding from LAN to WAN

Missing/dropped features from 2.27

  • Force DNS (presumably this is now override DNS?)
  • Enable VPN
  • Internet kill if not connected to VPN (critical!)
  • UPNP (not bothered about this but noticed it had gone)

Hope this helps,

PS. not sure what changes between 0925 and 0926 but the index page and menus are much more responsive.