Can no longer connect in repeater mode

During my initial testing I was able to connect to the AP in my office without issues and was able to run the required tests.

Now when I try to connect, it either times out or I get the connection failed, retying message.

Have attached the output from logread.

I also noticed that it would disconnect the client from the AXT-1800 quite often when attempting to connect to the AP.

This is using the 2022-06-06 stable release.

Cheers. (7.6 KB)

Can you connect to your office AP by your phone?
Or reboot the AXT1800 and check it.

Let me check again what’s happening when I get home in a couple of days time.
I’m currently in a hotel where the AXT-1800 connected perfectly, so I’m wondering if it’s a power issue again as during my original tests I couldn’t connect iPhone/iPad to the AXT-1800 until I dropped the power output down from Max → High.
At the time I couldn’t connect the AXT-1800 to my AP, both by iPhone and iPad could connect to the same AP without any issues.

From the log, the wifi network “GuestThisGuestThat” has two AP, one is 2.4G channel 1 and one is DFS 5G channel 116.

The router omit DFS channels. So pls enable connecting to DFS channel in repeater options and try again.

If fails to connect to 2.4G wifi as well. As the WiFi network is using UBNT (I guess from the BSSID), can you check if they have “band steering” enabled. If yes, disable it and try.

One report said band steering in Unifi causing repeater fails GL-iNet Slate does not connecto Unifi APs

Enabling the DFS option didn’t appear to make any difference.

Yes, I had seen that report, but being away wasn’t able to test. And yes, the APs are UniFi. Turning off band steering did let me connect again, so there’s definitely something amiss there.

My next test will be to downgrade the firmware, because (I’m fairly certain) I thought that band steering option was already set before my previous testing.


Yes pls try and let me know.

Did a uboot restore to openwrt-axt1800-4.0.0-0505.img.

After rebooting and trying again, it’s still the same issues. So I’m guessing that I must have activated band steering sometime after running my initial test. Blame my ancient memory for that.

Without band steering, the router connects on the 2.4 GHz network by default. With band steering on, after I hit connect I noticed that while trying to connect, to the router, it did not offer the 2.4 GHz ssid, only the 5 GHz one, which I guess is the radio being tied up on the AP connection attempt.

Yes it is band steering.