Can the DIV/GNSS antenna be used by connected PC or Raspberry Pi

I just received a GL-XE3000 cellular router, which seem to work as expected. My question : As many noticed in this forum, one of the 5G antennas is marked DIV/GNSS, which would suggest that it also picks up Satellite information on position (lat/long) How can we access this information or is the operating system Windows/linux picking it up automatically. I need this GNSS data for opensource navigation software (openCPN), alternatively I need to get a separate GNSS antenna.
I can not find any information on this feature in the documentation

Perry Parengkuan

Yes, you can. Its not too tough.

Instructions for enabling the GPS and installing gpsd (a deamon which creates a socket which other devices on the network can query) can be found in this post: [howto] GL-X3000 GPS configuration guide

There is a lot of app support for gpsd. But, if you want to write your own, have a look here for information on querying the socket: GPSD Client HOWTO.

My needs were much simpler (my X3000 is in my trailer and I wanted to track its location as I travel. I query/save GPS coordinantes every two hours, create a .gpx file every 12 hours and upload it to my VPS which already has a mapping interface and database), so I only enabled the GPS and directly query /dev/mhi_LOOPBACK directly. More information on the NMEA sentances in /dev/mhi_LOOPBACK can be found here: GPS Sentences | NMEA Sentences | GPGGA GPGLL GPVTG GPRMC.