Can't access Flint's router admin page

I bought GL-AX1800 so I could connect it to my isp router and was going to use wireguard that’s been installed. But in the process of installation (off the Gl-iNet guide for first time setup), I haven’t been able to access the admin page…I was able to access it once but then it stopped. I have my ethernet cord inserted into WAN and I checked my IP address on my Macbook (which is connected to my internet’s router). Any tips on how to solve this?

Try connecting the Ethernet cable from your MacBook port to a Flint LAN port (not WAN). Set the MacBook port to get an IP address via DHCP. The Admin Panel should be at (not https).

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Hi thank you for taking the time to respond!
Is there no way to do it while my Flint is connected to the ISP router?
I will try it your way (need to buy a usb c to ethernet adapter tomorrow) and let you know how that works!

You can connect via WiFi, but you want to connect to the Flint SSID and then once you have a 192.168.8.x IP address by default fromt the Flint DHCP you should be able to go to to get to the Flint Admin interface.

You should also be able to set up the Flint using the GL.iNet app:

There are 2 different apps, so use the newer Beta app last updated Jun 15, 2022: