Can't connect to Admin page

since two weeks it’s not possible to connect to the admin page (error 404)

I am not an expert here, but the bad error message bugs me. So I want to understand what is behind.

I do not know this interface, is this the Goodcloud?

So you are anywhere, open this interface, choose your mango and want to connect.

In another tread about the Flint, I wrote:
One way to archive it: In the GL-Inet Flint ‘Admin panel’ go to ‘Network - Firewall - Open Ports on Router’ → (+ Add)
Name: Admin Panel
Protocol: TCP
Port: 80
Enable: True

In the FW 4.x for the Mango it should be similar.

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Na, that’s not how it should work. Opening port TCP 80 is an big mistake. The used relay (Goodcloud) should be fine by using some websockets magic to get the interface running without port forwarding.

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Okay. As I initially mentioned, I am not a Goodcloud expert, not even an user.

But than also the firewall message is wrong, isn’t it? As long as the GL.iNet Router is direct on the WAN, not behind an ISP router.
Or can the magic go through firewalls? (There are such techniques, first I remember is Tredo).

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I’m not sure how this functionality works. It might redirect you to the public admin page of your router or achieves the same functionality by tunneling it.

You should definitly let someone from GL-iNet look at this. As GoodCloud is having some issues lately, and this might be related. But the folks at GL-iNet are hard at work to fix them. The best way to reach them is by email. Or tag one of them.

If possible please show us the url of the 404. If it contains the public IP of your network then you will have to open port 80.

Opening up port 80 is quite unsecure. As this greatly widens the window for potential intruders.

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Yep, that’s what happens.

I guess due to the Goodcloud update some things are still broken.


The URL is:

@yuxin.zou Maybe you can help?
Is remote access still broken due to Goodcloud updates?

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The problem on GoodCloud should be fixed now.
@Leo Can you help check it?

It is fixed. @admon Please try again.

@selenic This ping was for you, I guess.

SSH access via Goodcloud works for my again - but WebGUI does not.

It tries to open something on which does not work for obvious reasons :smiley:

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Still not working. Do I have to change some configuration?

Could you share this device with me on the goodcloud? It would be helpful for us to pinpoint the issue.
my username is ‘yangsx’

Done, shared with yangsx.

I also shared my device with you for the next 24 h.
Had to confirm your identity by asking GL staff first :smiley:

Hi, any updates this issue?

Even with my new Flint2 remote HTTP is still broken :frowning:

Sorry guys, I will ask developer to reply asap.

For me I discovered the issue: If you are inside the network of the device you want to connect to by using goodcloud … it will not work. Instead of the RPC websocket/webproxy whatever magic is used domain you will get localhost which does not work, obviously.