Can't do a clean install of OpenWrt on AR750S via u-boot


Tried installing OpenWrt on NOR via u-boot, but nothing happens - router gets bricked. OS: Win 7.



Where did you download the firmware?




Not sure if the firmware which you used is the latest version, you can try this one from official web:


What I want to do is completely remove the original firmware and do a clean install of OpenWrt, so there will only be OpenWrt running on the router and none of gl-inet interface. I can do that on AR150 so why not on the AR750s?


Which firmware exactly did you use?


I’ve already shown which OpenWrt Firmware I’ve used:


This should be a correct firmware.

How do you determine that your router is bricked? The firmware from Openwrt does not have wifi and Luci installed by default. You can only connect a cable to the LAN port, then ssh to the router to install and enable everything.


I couldn’t connect to it. I tried and but couldn’t connect. What IP should I be using to connect to the router once OpenWrt has been installed?


Try asking on the Openwrt forum!


Seems you are talking with yourself.

It is


Thanks! I was able to install and access it this time!