Can't successfully connect to Marriott Hotels as repeater


I continually struggle to setup a repeater network at Marriott hotels. I have tried cloning my laptop mac address, changing the DNS, resetting everything multiple times. Anyone have any surefire strategies for Marriot or other hotels? Thanks.


Funny you should mention that. I was in a Marriott last week and could not get my AR300M to work. I finally gave up.


This week I’ve stayed in two different Hilton properties and it’s working great. I’ve got it connecting to my openvpn server at home and after running some speed tests there is no difference between the performance between direct connecting my computer to the hotel network or going through the AR300M with openvpn running.


That’s strange, I mostly stay at Marriott hotels and I use mine all the time without issue. I’m actually at a Marriott right now connected to the “Marriott_GUEST” SSID through my 300M.

Have you tried hardwiring it to the Ethernet port in room?


Are any of you having issues with the captive portals?

I frequent a Hampton Inn (Hilton Property). I keep an icon to the portal on my desktop and launch it after I connect to the Hotel’s wifi as the popup rarely occurs. I have no issue logging in, but seem to get short lease times that vary from minutes to hours.


I’m in a Courtyard right now and just had the same problem… but I did find a work-around that involves adding a host table entry into the advanced settings (have to remember to delete it when I’m done). Sorry I can’t explain this more briefly.

Here’s what was happening:

  • After the easy, normal way failed, tried logging into the captive portal while connected directly in Windows, then cloning the MAC addresses in the GL-AR750 router.
  • when laptop is connected through the GL-AR750 everything still fails – should work though because MAC address is the same as far as Hotel’s gateway is concerned, right? but it fails.
  • notice that addresses are being passed to the gateway (some kind of proxying scheme?) and failing because instead of the hotel’s gateway using IP address, they’re using a FQDN for the hotel’s gateway address. To be clear, let’s say the code for my hotel is ‘foo’, the FQDN looks like this:

  • it seems that the DNS server isn’t converting that address to the actual hotel router gateway address (on purpose maybe?).

So here’s the fix:

  • connect directly to hotels captive portal again, open CMD window, ping and find it’s IP address. Turns out it is actually just the gateway IP address for the Hotel’s LAN.

  • Go into GL-AR750’s advanced settings

  • Network->Hostnames->Add

  • add an entry for with IP address of the default gateway.

Voila, now everything works… just have to remember to delete that Hostname entry when I leave, or it will mess me up next time I visit another property that uses this same captive portal service.

HTH and sorry I can’t write this in a shorter way ATM.

  • DRC


Thank you for sharing. Excuse my ignorance but how does one discover the FQDN ( Is it the URL that appears in the browser when you try to connect?


Shouldn’t disable DNS rebind protection solves the problem?


Huh. I’ve recently had an issue with a captive portal on my Slate (AR-750S captive portal issues) and I wish I’d thought about this, it probably would have fixed my issue. I’ll be sure to try it the next time I have problems with a captive portal page.

@alzhao: DNS Rebind issue didn’t solve my issue. What MIGHT be a fix to try (and I’m willing to test) is where once you’ve detected a captive portal:

  • use the original DNS server(s) from the WAN side to get the IP address of the captive portal page
  • manually set an ephemeral (temporary, and goes away after a reboot or network-type change) entry in the hosts file mapping that IP address to the the captive-portal’s FQDN.


In my case, I run Linux on my laptop and I’d used "dig @<hotel's default route> <name of captive portal page>" to discover mine.


I think this is the correct way. We noticed this issue but need time to implement.


FWIW, since my braino a few weeks ago, I’ve been in 3 more hotels and have had no issues with my Slate and captive portals in either “WiFi Repeater/Router” or “Wired Router” modes.


@kennethrc Sorry, but can you give a newbie-friendly instructions of how you did this?

How do you discover the captive portal address?

How do you discover the original WAN side DNS servers?

How do you map the IP address? How to do this ephemerally?


Thank you! I am at a Mariott Residence Inn right now and encountered this same issue. Adding the hostname pointing to the default gateway in the advanced settings allowed me to get this all working. Never had an issue at Marriott hotels until this one. But this is a newer hotel, so maybe they have updated technology.

For those asking about how to receive the captive portal - here is how I did it. First connected to the Mariott wifi with my phone and was able to get registered. Next, I setup my router to connect to the hotel wifi and did a mac clone to my phones MAC address. Then when I connected the phone to the router, I got a wifi notification message on my phone that I needed to log in to the network. When I clicked on that notification, it took me to a chrome error page saying it couldn’t resolve the address. The error message contained the capitve portal address of:, so I plugged that in to the hostnames and it worked.