Captive Portal with Proximus fon


There was a while back an entry discussing the Captive Portal with Proximus fon and I have the GL-AR150-416 and it was deleted.

I need to get a script to auto login, the Proximus fon requires a Username nd password.

Can someone point me to the information?

  1. the search function is your friend: Connect to fon wifi
  2. I don’t think there is an auto-connect script.

If you authenticate on any one device connected to your AR150, then Fon sees it as if the AR150 had logged in, so any devices connected to it will have access. There is a Fon App for Android and iOS to do auto login, so this might be one way forward.

If you are very good at Linux scripting it is possible to write your own script. This would need to detect the Fon portal and then login. This can be done using wget in a shell script but would involve some “reverse engineering” to be done on the Fon portal page. Certainly doable.