Connect to fon wifi

Is it possible to use the GL-AR150 or GL-MT300A-Ext to connect to a fon network

Has anyone tested this setup?

I currently use my fon access to connect to the internet with my laptop, i would like to also use it for my desktop and share the connection between the two devices using OpenVPN so that there is a little more security… please advice if the WISP mode works in such a way, I also travel a lot to airports and would like to use the device as well in Airports and Hotels, but my main use case if to be able to use the fon hotspot account in my apartment, shared with more than one device.

I think they use EAP right? Maybe need to replace wpad-mini to wpad in the firmware. Also the UI doesn’t support EAP so you may need to use Luci to setup.

I don’t have Fon network here so this only my guess.

I don’t know what EAP is, FON is an open network that you login using a username and password…

I arrived here by going to and then to the that is now not sold anymore this site point to the GL-AR150 as an alternative.

They use Luci to setup the WISP bridge, I latter also found a script to auto login but this is not the most important part to me. I am new to this and just want to make sure I purchase the right device to build the bridged connection.

sorry double posted by accident

how you login the Fon wifi?

So you don’t need to enter any wifi key and you can connect?

After connect, there is a login page pop up and you need to input your username and password, right?

If this is the case, it should work. But I am not 100% sure until I tried.

@ Daniel

At home, why do you need to use the FON network? The GL router can connect direct to your ISP router.

This link “Repeat a Wifi Hotspot - lechacal” should have answered all your questions regarding getting it to work as a hotspot “on the road”

However, I think it is much easier than they describe using a GL router and think this will work:

  1. connect the GL to the FON network (as you would with your home router)
  2. logon to FON via a browser
  3. start the VPN in the GL user interface.

Note that I said to start the VPN after connecting to the Fon network - I am not sure whether this is necessary but from memory I believe it is.
Please report back with your success story or otherwise!


You can see how to connect, its exactly like this tutorial

you get that login page put your data and press login.

Anyway I have ordered the

soo soon enough we will find out :slight_smile:

@Glitch I don’t have a router at my location just a open hotspot from fon proximous.

My router is in another country also part of the fon hotspot network, its a sharing system.

you can look at Fon website to get more information… in short if you share your internet connection, then you can use millions of free hotspot connections all over the world.

I just so happen to have such a hotspot near my new place that I can connect using my fon credentials… I want to boost that signal so that I can use it in my place with my devices.

The goal is to use the GL-AR150 mini router to create a protected wifi network that bridges that other network so that I can connect all my devices using just my account and not have to log into again and again to the fon page.

Another goal is to connect a Desktop PC that does not have a wireless NIC and use the GL-AR150 Ethernet port to have access to the wireless, but if not possible I will buy a wireless for the Desktop.

Kindly report back when you have tried and tested!

Amazing! Literally 2 minutes to setup. Everything worked at first try… I now have internet shared to all my devices using my fon account :slight_smile:

Firmware 2.20, I will upgrade and see what happens.

I love this little device

Update: upgraded to 2.25 everithing is working fine :slight_smile:

did you every figure out how to automate the authentication / login script to a captive portal ?


Daniela can you please share how you did that?


It’s in my post, five down from the top.

Or WISP configuration in simple gl-inet interface.



for exactly the same reason as Daniela, I would like to purchase gl.inet router. Are all gl.inet models able to do as has been described in this topic? Or just the GL-AR150 or GL-MT300A-Ext as Daniela mentions in her first post?


Seems the video is using a specific firmware.

But this should be support in the default firmware. In the newest version you can get the portal page pop up if you uncheck “DNS bind protection” in DNS settings.

I often use Fon. It is a normal Captive Portal.

It will work perfectly with any GL router. You will find that the first person using your shared connection will have to log in just as if they were connected to Fon directly, then everyone else will just have normal Internet access. (it is actually the mac address of the GL router wan port that is seen by Fon for the login).

I forget the timeout interval on Fon, but sooner or later someone will get the signon page again. If using a laptop or desktop either make sure captive portal detection (CPD) is enabled on your computer or browser, or if you seem to loose the connection simply try browsing to a simple http:// (port 80) web site as the signon page is triggered by trying to access a web site on port 80 (http, NOT https). If enabled CPD on your computer does this for you at regular intervals, usually every 300 seconds but varies depending on vendor.

Note for example CPD is enabled by default in newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, Windows 10, OSX, iOS, Linux and Android, so should not be a problem.

Hey @daniela I’m trying to do the same thing. Could you let me know how you got the GL to connect and login to the wifi? I have small off grid lockup that I would like to have WiFi in and have a still active FON account.



Did you bother to read any of the thread? Both I and Daniela gave details on how to connect and it’s a piece of cake to do / figure it out yourself, anyway.

Who are you talking to mate, wind your neck in. I wasn’t even talking to you. :joy: 1.Yes I did. 2.I wanted to know if the automatic login script worked for him.