Car antenna recommendations for GL-X3000 / Spitz AX?

HI there,
My GL-X3000 arrived today and so far it’s pretty good! I did some tests while working on my laptop in the car today and my Google Pixel 6 Pro had 11Mbps of download with Google Fi and GL-X3000 had 35Mbps. Previously I had GL-X750 and its speed usually was worse than my phone.

So for GL-X750 I had two external antennas on my car - Would these antennas work well for 5G and GL-X3000? I could get two additional antennas potentially.

Or do you have any other recommendations?


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Hi,I checked that this antenna can only boost cellular frequencies of 700-900Mhz and 1900Mhz. The 5G NR sub-6Ghz frequencies are 450-6000Mhz, For 5G to work well, these antennas should support all cellular frequencies of sub-6Ghz.

Hi, how do you power the Spitz AX?

T-Mobile: Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test (RSRQ -13)
AT&T: Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test (RSRQ -12)

One thing I’ve noticed is sometimes T-Mo won’t connect on the first try; I’m not sure if it’s 'cause my SIM isn’t provisioned for 5G, or some other issue.

Hi, just a few tests

here with Vodafone Ireland, positively impressed!!!

I added a DC-DC regulator for good measure and connected to my car’s 12V circuit. Now I need a new DC plug for the GL-X3000? Does anybody know what plug that is? Is it 5.5mm x 3.5mm?

Mine just arrived a couple hours ago.
These are the speeds I am seeing.

Very impressive without band locking or fiddling around with settings.

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The DC plug is 5.5mmx2.1mm.


Are you paying T-Mo for a 5G (and presumably Hotspot) plan, or some other?

I’m wondering how you use this Magnet Mount Antennas on your car, where to put it? Could you take one picture to show your usage? We may find a suitable antenna for this use case. Thanks.

This plan is the discontinued $10mo T-Mobile business unlimited tablet plan with a little TTL magic in the router firewall.

Have you found that to be necessary on the Spitz? I’m on the $20 “Unlimited” Tablet Plan and w/o messing around with the TTL when going Hotspot (which NATs) → GL-iNet device I won’t get more than ~256Kbit/sec, but the tricks don’t seem to be necessary now.

Also, is your plan provisioned for 5G? I don’t know exactly how it works with T-Mo, but I’d tried to put this same SIM into one of their 5G Hotspots and it wouldn’t even connect to their network; I don’t know if that’s a “device-side” or “carrier-side” limitation, but as you’re getting ~500MBit/sec, maybe it doesn’t matter in your own device?

… huh- guess this answers the “Am I provisioned for 5G” question: Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

What is somewhat worrying is I can’t switch reliably between SIMs, or even connect/reconnect to the same SIM without having to reboot, though.

I can send a picture later but I just placed them on the roof of my SUV and ran the cables through the trunk door, under the seal. My thinking is (which could be wrong) is that the higher the antenna the easier it is to get line of sight to a tower. Especially in places like Colorado. I was actually able to get internet on my previous X750 Spitz and with these antennas in places where my phone was showing no signal.

Without modification my line throttles to 600kbps after 10gb of hotspot.
T-Mobile is fairly chill about device IMEI so you don’t HAVE to change that for this plan to work but I do anyway just to be safe.

I am running this for TTL routing.
ip6tables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o $INTERFACE -j HL --hl-set $TTL
ip6tables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -i $INTERFACE -j HL --hl-set $TTL
iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o $INTERFACE -j TTL --ttl-set $TTL
iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -i $INTERFACE -j TTL --ttl-set $TTL

One thing I forgot from my previous post.
If I you choose to modify IMEI with T-Mobile you do need to use IMEI associated with a 5G capable device.

… wait we can coughchangetheIMEIontheSpitzcough?!

I used to keep a FW rule in place as well to set the TTL as well to 64, but based on my checking with T-Mo, the usage so far seems to all be “On-network data” and full-speed.

Also, I see the “5G” Indicator on my Spitz (for both AT&T and T-Mo) so I’m inclined to believe I’m in fact getting “5G” (vs. “LTE+”). What’s nice is my AT&T plan is a now-discontinued 100GB/$55 plan that (I think) predates their wide 5G rollout.

How can Spitz AX connected to an GPS Antenne and how can the GPS Signal/location be used ?

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And where such dome antennas can be purchased? I’m looking for a smaller antenna that’s viable for a car, and not an RV.

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I’d love to know more about this as well. We have a trip coming up next weekend; I’ll be doing the test run with the supplied antennas but given that we tend towards boondocking in remote-ish areas, an external antenna may be the next step for us.