Cirrus Router with a Visible SIM

I have a Cirrus GL-AP1300LTE with a EC25-AF modem, and I’m trying to set it up with a SIM card from Visible, the Verizon MVNO. I get a persistent message that says, “SIM card not registered”. I’ve tried automatic setup and manual setup. I also tried using the following modem commands that were mentioned on a thread at the LTEHacks forum.


The end result is always the same: “SIM card not registered” and no Internet connection. The SIM works fine in an iPhone, but IOS 14 currently has problems with tethering over USB. Does anyone know how I can get a Cirrus router to work with a Visible SIM? Thanks.

You can try the firmware in the link and configure it manually as shown in the screenshot

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@alankeny I know it’s nearly a year-old post, but did you ever get this working?

As this post said, do not use Visible

I got it connected a few times, but it was very slow and unreliable. I never figured out what caused the connection problems. My Visible SIM is in an iPhone SE now. Most of the time I just use it’s built-in hot-spot, but I have USB tethered a GL-AR750 to the iPhone as well.