Client block scheduling

I think it would be nice to add scheduling to the client blocking. This could be done very easily using a cron script, but for most users it would be best to have it in the UI as just a range (day of week, hours, etc).

There are some threads about parental control in the forum which is probably something similar.
I understand time scheduling per client and some type of filters will be included in that feature.
It is included in the list of feature request:

It is suggested it will be added in 4.100

Currently time restrictions can be done with the usual openwert Firewall → Traffic Rules → Time Restrictions, but I understand they plan to add something more visual to the gl-inet gui layer, perhaps with a weekly/monthly calendar where the user can visualize the status with red/green colors and slots of 30min similar to Asus parental control. No details yet.

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Yeah there have been requests for this since before v3 came out, so this is basically a reminder thread, so it doesn’t get forgotten.

This will be added.

It is not that easy. Simple cron jobs does not do the work. Firewall settings are OK.