Firmware 3.201, 3.203 Release Notes and Upgrade Q&A

3.2xx firmware will upgrade all to OpenWrt 19.07. There are a lot of changes.

This post list the possible issue, questions and answers. We will keep updating this post.

Version number 3.201 or 3.203?

3.201 has been released for these models on April 02 2021:
AR150, AR300M (Nand), AR300M16 (Nor), AR750, AR750S, E750, MiFi, MT1300, MT300N-V2, N300, USB150, X300B, X750, XE300

These models needs more time to develop so we bump to 3.203 directly. 3.203 will be released in May.
B1300, S1300, AP1300, MV1000

B2200 and X1200 will have a different release schedule now.

Release Notes

You can find the release notes of 3.201 on the folder of firmware download. But here you are:


  1. Fixed wolfSSL heap buffer overflow in RsaPad_PSS (CVE-2020-36177)
  2. Fixed netifd and odhcp6c routing loop on IPv6 point to point links (CVE-2021-22161)
  3. Fixed dnsmasq multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-25681, CVE-2020-25682, CVE-2020-25683, CVE-2020-25684, CVE-2020-25685, CVE-2020-25686, CVE-2020-25687)
  4. Added times limit to password authentication

New features:

  1. Supported IPv6 ( Internet, OpenVPN, WireGuard )
  2. Supported WPA3 (AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,X1200,XE300)
  3. Supported deleting offline clients
  4. Added warnings when uploading old version or three-party firmwares
  5. Added 2.4G WIFI and LTE working channel interference automatic avoidance(MIFI,X750,E750,X1200,XE300)
  6. Supported IGMP
  7. Supported DLNA

Hardware support:

  1. Supported SPI nand GD5F1GQ5UEYIG


  1. Optimized client statistics function

APP support:

  1. Supported V1.0.5

Cloud support:

  1. Supported Rtty SSH Access
  2. Supported Rtty HTTP Access
  3. Supported Ping tool
  4. Supported Traceroute tool
  5. Supported RS485 tool (X300B)


  1. Supported Russian

Important bugfix:

  1. Fixed speed limit function failure in some models
  2. Fixed tor initialization failure in some models
  3. Fixed the problem that when turn off the AP in MT300N-V2, the repeater won’t auto-reconnect.
  4. Fixed the problem that when WireGuard’s Allowed IPs are not set with global proxy address, router will be unable to access the internet.
  5. Fixed the problem that MT1300 can’t access internet when using StrongVPN.
  6. Fixed other known issues.

Upgrade issues and solutions

Where can I find snapshot

You can find the snapshot from GL.iNet download center
There is nightly build.
Please note, 3.201_beta6 is the final release version of 3.201.

AR750S Upgrade from 3.104 to 3.201 Failed

AR750s is using 128M Nand Flash. Due to the kernel change in openwrt 19.07 (3.201 firmware), you cannot upgrade from openwrt 18.06 (3.104 firmware). In our firmware 3.105, which is based on openwrt 18.06 as well, we made some changes so that you can upgrade to 3.201.

So if you upgrade from 3.104 to 3.201, you will have verification failed error. You should first upgrade to 3.105, then upgrade to 3.201. You can also upgrade using uboot failsafe mode if you do not reserve settings.

No free space to install plugins

When you upgrade from old firmware and kept settings, sometimes you will find there is no room to install plugins because no free space is left. Still not sure when this will happen but it does. If you do not keep settings it should be fine. So it is suggested to reset the firmware and start over.

Cannot find Luci, Tor, adguard home

In 3.201, to make more free space, the following packages will not be installed by default: Tor, Samba, Minidlna, luci.

When you click Advanced settings, you will be required to install Luci first. You may have a grey (disable) install button at first. Just wait a little while so that the router refresh its repo.

Tor: You need to go to Application->plugins page, first refresh the repo, then find and install gl-tor.

adguard home: Adguard Home is only supported in S1300, AP1300, MV1000, B2200. They should be installed by default. Some user want to install Adguard Home on AR750s. It may works but AR750s is not powerful enough. You should go to Application->plugins, refresh repo and install gl-agh-stats

In 3.105, you may have ssl library error when you want to install easytether. This is fixed in 3.201. Pls note you need to download the easytether driver for openwrt 19.07, not 18.06.

Smartphone APP support
From 3.201, you can use the smartphone app to configure and control your router. You can control locally or via GoodCloud. You need to search Apple app store or Google Play for “glinet”, find the white icon, not the blue icon which is the old app.

Lost settings in MV1000
MV1000, while having adguard home preinstalled, it causes more problem. If you have ever used the 3.201 beta, you may lost all of your settings. This has been fixed in 3.203. Note: upgrade from 3.201 beta to 3.203 you may loose of your settings as well.

Cannot start openvpn server due to ipv6
When you upgrade from 3.105 to 3.201, in some situation you may have ipv6 configuration problems, causing openvpn server failed to start. You can use the following command to fix

uci set wireguard_server.@servers[0].local_ipv6='fd00:db8:123::1' 
uci commit

Pending problems & Bugs

There are some Pending problems & bugs

  • Repeater: some users reported that repeater cannot connect hidden SSID, or after reboot it does not connect, or the connect broken sometimes. We cannot replicate all these issue but believe this exist. We will continue to improve repeater manager.
  • Connecting to hotel wifi: some hotels forbid router to connect. This has not been solved in 3.201
  • NextDNS stability: When you use NextDNS, be sure to turn off “DNS rebind Protection”. But you may still have problems once after several days use.
  • Openvpn and IPV6: seems openvpn has more problems due to IPV6 support. But it is still not very clear.
  • PPPoE: PPPoE connection has been optimized in 3.201. But some user still report that PPPoE cannot get IP address. We are still investigating this progblem.
  • VPN policy not working when reboot but vpn cannot connect (will fix in next release)

That are a short list of Pending problems & Bugs. Does it mean all of the bugs from buglist are solved ?

I really like this summary post format. Good information in one spot.

Thank you!


Earlier, I already drew the attention of the support service about the extremely poor implementation of the network interface for LTE modems using the QMI protocol. There is no way to customize the interface using the stock graphical shell, since the router does not detect the modem. Through the SSH terminal and the Luci graphical shell, I was able to successfully configure the network interface, display information about the basic parameters of the LTE connection, SMS service, LTE band management and AT command terminal for modem control. Can’t the manufacturer’s programmers implement these settings through their proprietary web interface? All necessary packages are available in Openwrt. You just need to implement their functionality in the proprietary web interface.

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Just wondering:
Will there also be OpenWRT 19.07 or even OpenWRT 21.02 clean builds for these routers available or can we just download them from OpenWRT? I believed some routers actually needed custom build because of them having NOR and NAND flash and OpenWRT only supporting the NAND flash.

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i downloaded the beta 3.203 for the mv1000 brume, everything seems to work well, exept that i can’t see my dongle (awus36ac) anymore in wireless! but if i go to the tab internet and choose repeater setting, i can still select connect with dongle.
are you aware about this bug ?


Will Brume W get WPA3 in 3.203?

There are some features e.g. upgrading packages etc will not be in this release.

Which one do you need specifically?

It is about the ar300m. As stated on this page, it’s nand is not supported for 19.07.

I believe OpenWRT 21.02 will support the ar300m nand, but I’m not sure about that.

I do believe for routers with similar issues, it would be nice to have the clean images.

Check here Index of /snapshots/targets/ath79/nand/

Thanks. Then I know OpenWRT 21.02 will have NAND support.

But as i said: OpenWRT 19.07 does not have that. So my question was mainly if an OpenWRT 19.07 build would be done given the 3.2xx firmwares were based on OpenWRT 19.07.

Hi Bob,
Brume currently does not support WPA3 in 3.203.

I have test Brume and it is fine.What’s your Brume firmware version?

Thanks for the response but now for clarity when will you have WPA3 for Brume W?

Tried flashing the .img via U-boot method on GL-AR750S-Ext with two different browsers, every time it gets to “UPDATE IN PR” and then the browser hangs forever… nothing appears to be flashed. Tested in Chrome and Vivaldi.

Edit: just to make clear, the “UPDATE IN PROGRESS” page starts to display in the browser, but it is truncated at “UPDATE IN PR” and then hangs forever. This is 100% reproducible for me in 2 browsers with the current .img build for GL-AR750S-Ext.

Edit 2: I tried to flash 3.105 from U-boot, it failed. I finally managed to flash 3.100. Attempting to use the online upgrade within 3.100 to update to 3.201 results in a verification fail.

Edit 3: Uploading the 3.201 .tar file to 3.100 results in “incorrect firmware format.” What is going on with all these flash images?!

Edit 4: Managed to get 3.201 installed by flashing 3.100 via U-boot, to 3.105 via uploading to GL-inet web UI, to 3.201 also via web UI. That’s fine, but nevertheless it appears a bunch of the firmware images aren’t usable how one would expect.

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It is fine to explain in a text file the improvements of a firmware but I think that it should be done in each firmware when it changes… For example, what was improved/changed/removed from firmware 0420 to 0422, what was done there so then people could test the new improvements/changes and find if they are good or not working fine, etc…
So you could explain in text what changes are made to openwrt-ar750s-3.201-0423 after 0422 after 0419 after 0418 and so on since openwrt-ar750s-3.201-0402.


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RTL drivers do not support WPA3 well.Once we can debug it successfully,we will will release a new version.


I have just upgraded to this latest firmware (coming from 3.10? IRC). Now I can’t connect to luci anymore:

/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:724: No valid theme found
stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'assert'
    /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:724: in function 'init_template_engine'
    /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:848: in function 'dispatch'
    /usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:478: in function </usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:477>`

I’m not certain the upgrade is the culprit, though. Right after the upgrade I tried to install

luci-app-wifischedule git-21.044.30835-34e0d65-1

Apparently that code is ancient. I promptly uninstalled it, but the problem remains. Does anyone have a clue on how to re-enable luci?