'Client Block' vs Luci Firewall settings

I’m having issues with Parental Controls using another brand router (long story) so I am experimenting with my AR750M router to block my kids internet at certain times. I have made a Firewall Traffic rule in Luci (see attached) which seems to block most things but it’s not blocking Roblox or Facebook Messenger (the same issue as the other router). However if I go to the AR750M GUI and hit the ‘block client’ on the devices page for the device I’m testing with then roblox loses connection and stops.

Basically my question is - how do I implement the ‘client block’ as a firewall traffic rule or some other way in Luci while being able to schedule the block?

glinet has parental control on firmware version 4.2.0, but the AR750 has not yet been upgraded to this version.

I thought you could try this plug-in first

I’ll try that plug-in thanks.

I tried the plugin and it works but still doesn’t block some apps such as Roblox. The only way I’ve found to block Roblox is to turn off the lan (ifdown lan) in cron or to use the block button in the GUI (see picture). Is there a was I can implement the block button in luci so that I can schedule it? Turning off the lan works but of course then it blocks everything and not just the devices I want to block.

Does that rule not work? You just need to set the time restriction parameter next to it to implement schedule

I have set the time restrictions, and that will stop any new connections from being made during the set time, but any active connections especially with Roblox and Facebook Messenger does not stop. The only way I’ve found to stop them is to schedule ifdown lan in cron at the same time as the firewall rule, or to use the block button in the GUI.