Collecting ideas for making a wireless RV router

Yeah, but it’s designed to plug into cigar lighter sockets, which are terribly unreliable. An RV is a hostile environment, with vibration the main enemy. Everything has to be well secured and a cigar lighter socket doesn’t make the cut.

There is no way you would use one of those chargers in a mobile environment without modifying it to hardwire the input, and then you’re back to hacking something designed for a totally different purpose because the ideal solution isn’t available.

If the point of this thread is to figure out what features are required in a router to make it an ideal choice for mobile applications - then USB power input only is acceptable in that environment, but not ideal.

We will have an outdoor antenna ready for RV Internet shortly. It will be sold separately and we would like to hear from your opinions about its installation on RV. More specs will come when it’s ready.


My comments:

  1. Low profile - good.
  2. Mounting requires drilling a hole - not good.

I like to keep holes in the roof to a minimum and instead have a single duct to the roof with weatherproof box above and cable glands from which cables run in flat duct to wherever needed. So a side entry for the cable would be preferred.

Is this a WiFi or cellular antenna? Or both? Dimensions? Polarisation?


It would be nice to have both vertical/bottom and horizontal/side mounting options in one unit.

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Any RV shows in the US or Europe are recommended to visit?

In Germany it would be the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf.

Every vendor of RV and RV equipment is here. Most of the staff is also English speaking and there are visitors from Netherlands, Belgium, Danmark, Austria and Switzerland as well.