Configure wireguard client to connect to NordVPN servers?

has anyone managed to configure a wireguard client on a GL-iNet device to connect to NordVPN (a premium VPN service provider)?
would love to borrow on your experience with this

Sorry not yet successful.

I read online that you would need to send an email to NordVPN to ask for the WireGuard profiles.
There were supposed to be profiles for New York and another location.
I did that yesterday and got a mail back from NordVPN that they don’t provide these WireGuard/Nordlynx profiles now. No ETA available when they will become available.

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For your reference

I have just finished a quick chat with their tech support and they are no longer offering this service - supposedly was offered earlier to “a few testers” but currently the don’t add anyone new and there is no ETA on when/if this service will be offered by them :-/

I will move over to KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited unless anyone here feels strongly about other good VPN providers that support WireGuard LOL

Yeah, I’ve asked them about providing configurations (outside of their closed source app) to allow connectivity and also to provide (even with their app) the ability to specify some of the options allowed by wg-quick, both to allow users to configure VPNs for their own unique configurations.

In all cases it’s been, yes we’ll look at providing this (maybe) but no promises or ETA.


honestly - i was somewhat disappointed by their indifferent response, especially in light of the fact that in recent months their service no longer works properly with Hulu and Netflix.

in my frustration I am now testing WireGuard over VPN Unlimited and am VERY pleasantly surprised.
not only the configuration with my AR750 / AR750s was amazingly quick and simple, but almost any streaming service (EU and US) that I could come up with works flawlessly.
I’d hate to lose my prepaid 3 years with NordVPN but as it stands I am better off with the VPN Unlimited.

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Same experience here.
I got the VPNUnlimited lifetime subscription for less then NordVPN’s 3 year subscription and been using the WireGuard protocol for a few days now and so far so good.

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Does VPN unlimited support netflix streaming? What regions that available?

yes, it does.
i am using these streaming services successfully :
Amazon Video
Youtube TV

for netflix, which netflix regions that you get?
Yesterday I tried the trial but the speed that I got was too low here

i am connected to netflix / hulu / disney+ / amazon all with their USA services
I am averaging about 35Mb/s on my AR750s connected to their California servers using wireguard

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