Connect my GL-MT3000 to my FRITZ!Box Router

Hello, I just purchased a GL-MT3000 for the purpose of bringing it with me while traveling so I can enable WireGuard VPN on the device to be connected to my Home IP address while abroad.

My router at home is a FRITZ!Box 7530 AX and has the latest firmware with WireGuard VPN. I would like to understand how I can achieve my goal here since everything I am doing is not working properly.

My understanding is the following:

  1. Go to my FRITZ!Box user interface and go through the WireGuard VPN setup. I have two options in the wizard: Connect a single device( Set up a WireGuard connection to this FRITZ!Box for a smartphone, tablet or an individual computer) or Connect networks or establish special connections (Set up a WireGuard connection between two FRITZ!Box networks, this FRITZ!Box and a VPN provider, this FRITZ!Box and a WireGuard® server or other special WireGuard connections.)
  2. I click on “Connect a single device” since I am assuming the single device is the Travel Router
  3. I then have two options, a QR code or Download Settings. The QR code worked seamlessly through my WireGuard app on my phone but I do not have this option with the GL-MT3000 so I choose download settings
  4. I then download the configuration file with the following information. I have replaced what I understand as the sensitive information with X
Address =

AllowedIPs =,x.x.x.x/x
Endpoint =
PersistentKeepalive = xx
  1. I then go to the WireGuard Client section of my GL-MT3000 UI and upload the configuration file I downloaded
  2. I go to the VPN Dashboard in my GL-MT3000 and click on Enable
  3. I receive the following error message "Error: inet6 prefix is expected rather than “”.

I’m not very technically advanced so I am still in the learning process and any help would be greatly appreciated. How can I solve this issue? Thank you.

Edit: I found one potential solution online but it is in German here - Bitte um Hilfe: Gl.iNet GL-A1300 (Slate Plus) - WireGuard zu Fritz!Box 7530 | | Forum

What do they mean when they say, “Set the DHCP areas in both networks (A and B) so that they do not overlap. I chose 192.168.8.X for network A and 192.168.10.X for network B.”

Hi sharepoint:

There are currently some issues with frizbox,We’re checking it.

I think personally my settings or the way I am trying to set it up is incorrect. Does anyone here have a proper working set up that is similar to mine?

Yes, use “Connect a single device” for GL-MT3000.

Most likely the endpoint address and port “” is not accessible in your GL-MT3000 network.

run command:


To tell if it’s resolved to your FRITZ!Box’s public IP.
If it doesn’t have a public IP, you need to setup port forward on the modem or upstream router.

I tested FRITZ!BOX 7530 wireguard server with mt3000.

Check the status of online monitor to get WAN IP.
My example is a private IP. Note that it must be the WAN IP or public IP.
(I try it in the local network without enabling “MyFRITZ!”, enabling DDNS is necessary though.)

WAN status:

Remove DNS that’s not functioning.

Admin panel when connected: