VPN to Fritz!Box 7590 and local devices

i'm trying to set up my Berryl AX GL-MT3000 Router via VPN (Wireguard) to my Fritz!Box 7590 at home.
I registered the connection in my Fritz!Box (as site to side and not as a single client) and downloaded the .conf file.
Then i uploaded this file to my GL.iNet Router and added the Wireguard Client with this .conf file.
I can connect via the VPN but when i connect to the Berrly AX WiFi, my client cannot access my devices in my LAN at home (i checked the option "Remote Access LAN" in the VPN connection in the Berryl AX Web UI)

I followed some of this instructions: Connect my GL-MT3000 to my FRITZ!Box Router

My Fritz!Box Network:
My Berryl AX Network:

My .conf File is looking like this:
Address =
ListenPort = 62687
PrivateKey = PrivKeyenterdfromFritzBox
DNS =,
MTU = 1420

AllowedIPs =,
Endpoint = DynDNSAddress:Port
PersistentKeepalive = 25
PublicKey = PubKeyenterdfrimFritzBox
PresharedKey = PresharedKeyenterdfromFritzBox

Fritz!Box and Berryl AX are up with the newest firmware.

I just want to use the Berryl AX on my next holiday (repeater in a hotel and cellular on the road) and access via VPN some of my homelab (SSH, VNC, HTTPS, etc.)

Thank You very much for the help!


could you please post a screenshot of your Fritz!Box dashboard where it shows the connection time, IP address and so on? Make sure to mask the IP address before posting here.

Here is the screenshot of the Overview dashboard:

Do this one provide the information you need?
Thank you very much

Hm, not sure if you might blurred out the thing I wanted to see :laughing:
Is there any information telling you that DS-Lite is active?

Don't see this information on my FritzBox.
But i do have an IPv4 (which is on my router the same as any "whatsmyip"-site is telling me) and an IPv6 Address and in a forums post of my provider someone said that there is no Dual Stack Lite at all for their contracts.

In that case, there should be no issue at all.

Remote Access LAN shouldn't be needed, it's only for the other way around. Since you want to connect Device A --> Beryl --> Fritz!Box --> Device B it should work without.

While the VPN between Beryl and Fritz!Box is connected: Can you access the FritzBox from a device connected to Beryl?

Do you test by using tethering? Testing from same network mostly don't work.

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That was it - i just connected for testing my Beryl AX to my home WiFi.
After you mentioned this, i tested it right now with my USB Modem and tethering (don't know why but my USB Modem isn't found under Cellular but via tethering ... but it is working) and after that i was able to connect via the Beryl to my devices at home.
Thank you very much for your assistance!

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Glad that it finally worked out :slight_smile:
Der Teufel ist manchmal ein Eichhörnchen :chipmunk:

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