Connect to Enterprise WPA


I bought the Mango MT300N-V2 and updated to firmware 2.261. So I’m using full wpad instead of miniwpad. However when I go to advanced settings to try to setup the connection the the Enterprise hotspot(username and password), the scan doesn’t manage to find any wifi networks.

I also got this error above in the Networks --> Wireless menu:

Package libiwinfo required!
The libiwinfo-lua package is not installed. You must install this component for working wireless configuration!

Even though I did manually try to install libiwinfo-lua through the app store.

I’ve read that some other people also had some problems with the V2 version of the GL-MT300N. Could this also be the case here?



Hi Nick,

MT300N-V2 use MTK wifi driver not open source driver so the configuration is different. Please omit the libiwinfo-lua info because it is reported wrongly.

We are working on these issues and will upgrade the firmware of MT300N-V2.


@Nick, bad news. The MTK wifi driver doesn’t support EAP as sta. Sorry for this. Hope the open source driver for this model can work.


Update: We are trying to add EAP in MTK driver. Will update later.


Hi Nick,

The property MTK WIFI driver doesn’t support

EAP as STA mode.


Thanks for the reply guys. I’m sorry I’m not very technical in terms of flashing and driver related stuff.

Does not supporting EAP mean that my Mango MT 300N-V2 cannot connect to a Enterprise WPA wifi source and serve as a personal wifi hotspot?




We have a requirement to connect to WPA Enterprise in client mode.

We purchased 2x GL-MT300N-V2 and GL-AR300M but these do not connect to WPA EAP. The GL-MT300N-V2 does not even scan for Wifi in the advanced settings (luci) with the ‘Package libiwinfo required!’ error.

Please advise which products work with WPA Enterprise or what we can do to get these to work. If this can be solved we will be purchasing many devices.




AR300M should connect to EAP. You need to use newest firmware v2.261 which as full hostapd/wpa_supplicant installed. Need to do little work in Luci.


Ok - I will purchase the AR300M. As I am ordering to the UK, these will take a while :frowning:

Can you provide a link to the newest firmware please?


Hey! Try doing some work yourself! (top right of screen - Support > Download)


Did anyone figure out the fix for Mango?


Mango uses MTK wifi driver and does not support EAP


Workaround: OpenWRT firmware from here:
I use it for WPA Ent, PEAP, EAP-MSCHAP-V2
Works well, one bug that I discovered is that when you do heavy sftp transfer involving first ethernet port (and WiFi), the other port stops responding (it is set to be a LAN instead of WAN port). Weird behavior but I think I messed up something in settings.


You are correct. If you use opensource WiFi drivers then it support EAP.